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“Arts exist at the heart of faith: faith is not a concrete experience,
so we need arts to express our faith.

“The Holiday Panels”

—On display in the Commons through January 6

These panels are the result of a community project between the Center for Life and Learning and the Sunday School and artists from Esperanza Community Services, an organization providing services to adults with developmental disabilities. In them, you can see both what the holiday means to individuals and how these individuals relate to the story we tell here at Fourth Church.

There are three main panels and three pointed arches. The large center panel represents the season of Advent, centered on the Annunication to Mary, with images representing things that flow from that event. These things are both joyful (angels singing, shepherds and wise men, gifts and good news) and sorrowful (the domination of Rome and the massacre of the innocents) as well as images of the season (greenery, flowers, sleigh rides and snow). This window is a combined effort from the artists from Fourth Church programs and Esperanza. It is topped by a central arch of angels and stars, done by artists from the Sunday School.

The side panels consist of personal reflections of the season, “What the season means to me.” The panel on the left was done by members of the Center for Life and Learning, and the one on the right contains work from the artists from Esperanza. Each is topped by a pointed arch depicting the flame of a candle, an image reflected in the individual panels, symbolizing the light of the season and the light we all share.

Participating Artists

Rogelio Valdez
Debbie Bradley
Bobby Tirelli
Juan Cervantes
Maya Armstrong
Michelle Harris
Natasha Federick
Diana Salinas
Stephanie McNeal
Jessica Wei
Mary Von Mandel
Norma Bizarro
Joseph Cobbs
Charlie Davis
Lawrence Boone
Jaime Ortega
Lydia Acosta
Veronica Sanchez
Terrin Auh
Jonathan Fortier
Edwin Sanchez
Jorge Santiago
Marlon Fisher
Clarence Simmons 

Ashley Elskus
Lucy Ellen Smith
Amy Volpe
Larry Rubin
Mary Lenox
Marge Derrah
Susan Fauer
Marie-Jose Baum
Diana Kast
Nicole Lehman
Nancy Myers
Jackie Smith
Vivian Fernbacher

Sunday School
Matt Helms
Briana Belding-Peck
Miles Grusin
Oliver Grusin
Annie Hallinan
Katie Hallinan
Stella Peck
Harper Rzepczynski
Erika Turner
Henry Turner
Tori Turner

Fourth Church
Christa Wellman
Nanette Sawyer
Rob Koon


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