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“Arts exist at the heart of faith: faith is not a concrete experience,
so we need arts to express our faith.

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Beauty Given by Grace:

   The Biblical Prints of Sadao Watanabe

Fourth Presbyterian Church is honored to present the traveling exhibition “Beauty Given by Grace: The Biblical Prints of Sadao Watanabe,” which is on display in the Loggia, through a collaboration with CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts.

The exhibit features fifty original color prints from artist Sadao Watanabe (1913–1996), who mastered the traditional Japanese folk art of stencil dying (katazome) to depict biblical scenes from the Japanese perspective.

“Beauty Given by Grace: The Biblical Prints of Sadao Watanabe” will be on display through Thursday, August 20.

A special thanks to Ken and Linda VanderWeele for their help in securing this exhibition.


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