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“Arts exist at the heart of faith: faith is not a concrete experience,
so we need arts to express our faith.

“From the Euphrates to Chicago”

A collection of watercolor paintings by Chicago-based Syrian artist Etab Hrieb opened at Fourth Church on Thursday, October 1 in the Loggia.

Ms. Hrieb, who received a degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University, uses bright and vibrant images to feature the different cultures of the nuanced regions of her homeland. According to the Huntsville Herald, she "uses watercolor because she feels it's more 'transparent and honest,' because she is unable to cover up her mistakes."

Ms. Hrieb has participated in many national and international shows since 1985. She was still living in Syria when political unrest began there, and she worked to provide aid for those under siege. Ms. Hrieb was granted political asylum and moved to Chicago in 2012; she continues to create artwork, participate in shows, and volunteer with children.

Opportunity for a gallery talk and walkthrough with Ms. Hrieb will be offered after the 11:00 a.m. service on Sunday, October 18.

This watercolor collection will be on display until Monday, November 30.


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