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“Arts exist at the heart of faith: faith is not a concrete experience,
so we need arts to express our faith.

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Verdiano Marzi

   and the Art of Mosaic Making

On Palm Sunday after 11:00 a.m. worship, master mosaic artist Verdiano Marzi will be giving a presentation on his first solo exhibition in the United States, “Dall Sogno all’ Opus Veritas,” in Borwell Dining Room. The exhibition, which is display in the Loggia, is presented through a collaboration with Fourth Church and the Chicago Mosaic School--the only classic mosaic school the country. Mr. Marzi will conclude his presentation with a gallery walkthrough.

Mr. Marzi became a master mosaicist after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown of Ravenna, Italy, the cradle of Byzantine Paleochristian mosaics in the fourth and fifth century. Upon arriving in France in 1973, he enrolled at the Aecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris as a student of the mosaicist Riccardo Licata. He then joined forces with Mr. Licata to found the Anaxagoras Group, which included numerous talented artists. Besides creating mosaics and showing them at his own exhibitions and with other artists, Mr. Marzi also teaches, in particular at the Louvre, and carries out restoration work.

Save the date: An artist reception will be held on Friday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. in the Loggia. “Dall Sogno all’ Opus Veritas” will be on display through Tuesday, June 30.


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