The Board of Deacons is often called “the heart of the church.” Deacons are responsible for the care of the congregation and outreach ministries. Each Sunday they staff the volunteer table during Coffee Hour, provide intercessory prayer in Stone Chapel after 11:00 worship, conduct a tour of the church, and welcome visitors to the narthex on Sunday afternoons. The board also regularly provides volunteers to assist in a variety of ways at the Sunday Night Supper.

Board of Deacons

Joe Aguanno, Annette Bacon, Luke Beasley, Ruth Beckman, Regan Burke, Kathryn Burkhardt, Darein Burton, Elena Carbajal-Gaule, Edward Choi,
Lola Coke, Drew Cupps, Michael DeVries, Jim Dore, Jennifer Ebie,
Ellen Ericson, Liam Garner (Youth), Vince Geckler, Chris Gentry,
Nancy Stevenson Greenberg, Ken Hazlett, Chris Horsman, Louis Houkal Jr.,
Keith Ikard, Gwen Jackson, Emily Jurgens, Andrew Keyt, Mak Kingan,
Ji Inn Lee, Michelle Lee, Patty Lenters, Janet Love, Mark Meyer,
Daniel Miller, Tom Minoff, Robin Moncrieff, Ruth Mortensen, Don Nelson,
Emma Richardson (Youth), Robert Ryder, Ellen Schaller, Jeff Smith,
Anne Stelle, Mary Talen, Charles Van Gorp, Carrie Wagener, Leslie Wainwright,
Lyman Welch, Katie Whitmore, Roy Youngblood

Deacons Ministries of Care

Welcome to the Deacons Care website, devoted to the various aspects of care managed by the Board of Deacons at Fourth Presbyterian Church. We see this website as being an ongoing resource for training, inspiration, and sharing of important information. Over time, we will continue to add to this site, so we encourage you to visit it often.

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Listening Skills (various articles) Submitted by Elise Magers
Service of Home Communion Submitted by Martha Langford
Angels on Call Instruction Sheets Submitted by Mary Kay Wysham,
Gayle Birdsong, and Karen Johnson
Network Calling Submitted by Irene Bumpus
Intercessory Prayer Submitted by Alison Thomas
Called to Serve Submitted by Barbara Marjean Maloof
The Theology of Care Submitted by Elizabeth B. Andrews
The Care of Caregivers Submitted by John H. Boyle
Care Giving Opportunities Submitted by Larry Nicholson
Sermons from Fourth Church  
Congregational Care Manual
revised as of January 2008
Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Documents in PDF format. Use Adobe Acrobat to view and download.

For more information about the Deacons Ministries of Care, contact Judy Watt, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care, at 312. 573.3360.