The Center for Life and Learning:
   Special-Topic Classes

Center for Life and Learning (CLL) special-topic classes bring in experts from the Chicago area to enrich our annual curriculum and provide a flexible avenue of participation. One need not be a CLL member to register. The special-topic classes cover a broad range of topics from politics to bridge to the humanities; come and check us out!

For information about our special-topic classes, contact Susan Quaintance at 312.981.3386.

Beginning in February
Great Decisions

Beginning in April
The Great Romantic Music of the Nineteenth Century

Beginning in May
Explorations with Jane Hunt
A Poetic Sampler
Art and Politics

Beginning in June
Henry VIII

Great Decisions

   Open Registration Series
   Alternate Tuesdays, February 9–June 14
   1:00–2:30 p.m.
   To register, please call Susan Quaintance at 312.981.3386

   Men's Group Series
   Alternate Wednesdays, February 10–June 15
   10:00–11:30 a.m. 
   Register online here 

Domestic issues are explored together in a respectful environment. Both groups will be discussing foreign affairs and domestic issues as they relate to the United States, with study material supplied from the Foreign Policy Association.

$55 for CLL members
$65 for guest registrants

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The Great Romantic Music of the Nineteenth Century

   Mondays, April 25–May 23, June 6
   11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
   Led by Stephen Kleiman
   Register online here

“The Great Romantic Music of the Nineteenth Century” will explore the intense passion with which composers of the nineteenth century approached the musical realization of their personal expressions and revealed the deeper meaning of life through music. Myths, folklore, sacred texts, and great literature will guide us as we sample the music of Wagner, Berlioz, Liszt, Schubert, Brahms, Chopin, Mahler, Mussorgsky, Franck, Grieg, and Stephen Foster, among others. Each class will focus on the Romantic treatment of one musical genrelied, piano music, chamber music, symphony, and concerto, and culminating in Romantic opera and balletrecapturing the complete panorama and understanding of this incredible century and its place in the history of music.

Stephen Kleiman holds a bachelor's degree from the Mannes College of Music and a master's degree from the University of Michigan. An orchestra conductor in Europe and former music director of the National Chamber Orchestra in Washington, D.C., his compositions have been performed internationally and recently at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti), International Chamber Artists (Chicago), the Longy School (Boston), the Newberry Library (Chicago), Music at Eden's Edge (Beverly Farms, Massachusetts) and the Chicago Danz Theatre. His newest CD, Chamber Music of Stephen Kleiman, was released in Autumn 2015.

$35 for CLL members
$55 for guest registrants

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Explorations with Jane Hunt

   Wednesdays, May 4–June 8
   10:30–11:30 a.m.
   Led by Jane Hunt
   Register online here

Celebrating her twenty-fourth year with us, award-winning teacher Jane Hunt leads this popular class through a new topic based in the humanities each week.  This spring topics will include Photography, Propaganda, and Patriotism, Exploring Jane Austen’s World and Thoughts on Poetry. 

Jane Hunt is a retired College of DuPage English and humanities Instructor and has been on faculty at the CLL since 1990. She is a graduate of DePauw University and Indiana University and enjoys formulating questions on diverse topics and then looking for answers with her classes.

Free for CLL members
$25 for guest registrants

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A Poetic Sampler: Poetry Workshops
   from the Basic Program of Liberal Education
for Adults
      at the University of Chicago

   Tuesdays, May 17–31
   1:00–2:00 p.m. at Fourth Church
   $15 per class

The World of Wyslawa Szymborska: Introduction
Tuesday, May 17
Led by Katia Mitova
Register online here
One of the fourteen women awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Polish poet Wyslawa Szymborska (19232012) has been described as “the Mozart of poetry.” We will read and discuss a sample of her work, in which wisdom, humanity, and philosophical depth blend with sparkling humor, irony, and playfulness.

Katia Mitova has been teaching in the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults at the Graham School, University of Chicago since 1998. She is the author of two poetry collections. Her scholarly work focuses on artistic creativity.

Frost, “After Apple Picking
Tuesday, May 24
Led by Amy and Charles Thomas Elder
Register online here

Robert Frost wrote: “Poetry begins in trivial metaphors, pretty metaphors . . . and goes on to the profoundest thinking we have.” We will read his famous poem “After Apple Picking,” and discuss together how its “trivial” or “pretty” metaphors point beyond themselves to an elusive, complex, and indeterminate human reality.

Amy Thomas Elder holds degrees in biology, Classics, and the study of religion. She is currently at work on what she hopes will be a book about adult education in the humanities.

Charles Thomas Elder holds a Ph.D. from the Divinity School at the University of Chicago.  His particular interests are philosophy, social and cultural theory, and issues of modernity.

Three Contrasting Psychological Poems
Tuesday, May 31
Led by Ray Ciacci
Register online here

Among the many things that poetry attempts to do is bring us into a world of understanding aspects of ourselves in ways that are chilling, introspective, and poignant.  To explore this claim further, three short poems have been chosen: Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess,” William Butler Yeats' “The Scholars,” and Richard Wilbur’s “Boy at the Window.” We will explore the subtleties of each poet’s approach to their subject, all of which are deeply personal and meant to move us in incalculable ways.

Raymond Ciacci began teaching in the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults in 1981. He is a graduate of the Committee on the Ancient Mediterranean World, and his scholarly work focuses on Greek thought and literature.

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Art and Politics

   Wednesdays, May 25–June 15
   12:00–1:30 p.m.
   Led by Margaret Farr
   Register online here

From ancient times to the present, art has engaged with politics. In this election year, this course will explore the complex ways in which art and politics intersect. What is the special role performed by the artist in critiquing political and social conditions? How has this relationship shifted in different eras? What does the relationship between art and politics reveal about that society’s power structures and values? Taking a thematic approach, we will examine such topics as the visual display of power, art and social protest, artists’ responses to war, art and revolution, and public art and politics.

Margaret Farr is an art historian who worked at the Art Institute of Chicago for seventeen years and has taught at St. Xavier University and Columbia College as well as served as Assistant Director of Education at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She received her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in nineteenth-century art. Her other interests include modern and contemporary art. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago.
$25 for CLL members
$45 for guest registrants

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Henry VIII

   Thursdays, June 2 and 9
   11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m.
   Led by Diane Kelliher
   Register online here

Come learn more about the family who came to power through battle and then, through marriage, managed to unite the two sides that had fought for so long in the War of the Roses. The second son of this union became Henry VIII.   Surprisingly, there is some “new news” about him to consider. This class will briefly discuss his wives and will focus on his heirs, among them “Bloody Mary” and Elizabeth I.

Diane Kelliher earned two master's degrees from Loyola University Chicago—one in sociology (social psychology) and the other in pastoral theology—and has been interested in Buddhism for more than thirty years. Learning about English history has been her hobby for more than fifteen years. She is devoted to making history lively, informative, and interesting, and she enjoys being with other seniors in the process.

Free for CLL members
$15 for guest registrants

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