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Helmets and Waivers

Whether you’re new to biking or a long-time cyclist, a member or a friend of Fourth Church, the Fourth Church Cycling Club is for you. We have fun rides throughout the year to encourage cycling and fellowship. Participate whenever and however you wish. Do you have a youngster and a child bike seat? Put a helmet on your child’s head and join the group on our ride. Whether you’ve got the bike you had in high school or a brand new road bike, join us as we celebrate creation and our commitment to its preservation.

We are called to be faithful stewards of God’s creation, and we answer that call in many ways. Those who are so inclined demonstrate their stewardship by reducing our personal dependence on fossil fuels while, at the same time, increasing physical activity for the health of our bodies.

Monthly Rides

Join us for one of our monthly rides! (Helmets and waivers are required.)

   Des Plaines River Trail
   Saturday, September 17 (Rain date: Sunday, September 24)
   Meet at 9:00 a.m. (location TBD)
, return at 3:00 p.m.
   RSVP to

We will meet near a Green Line CTA station (TBD), and take the CTA train to Oak Park, where the line ends. 

At Oak Park, we will bike west for maybe one mile to River Forest on Lake Street, and then turn north on Thatcher Road.  Thatcher Road runs north along the edge of a Forest Preserve, and has beautiful homes along the opposite side of the street in River Forest. 

We’ll take Thatcher Road north to Bloomingdale Ave, where we’ll turn left into a picnic area of the Forest Preserve, and where we pick up the Des Plaines River trail. This trail runs alongside the Des Plaines River for miles; we will bike until the group has gone far enough.  Then we’ll turn around and return south down that same path, and look for food. 

On the way back to the Green Line, we can bike by a few of Frank Lloyds Wright’s homes and studio in Oak Park, before picking up the Green Line in Oak Park again, and heading back into the city.


If you’d like to be on our email list for regular announcments and updates of rides as well as any last-minute change of plans due to the weather, just email us or leave your email address on the infoline. Details about when and where we’ll meet are available by emailing

Be sure to email to get regular updates on our plans and activities.

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“Bike to Church”

Join us for “Bike-to-Church” Sunday when we’ll ride our bikes to Fourth Church and enjoy morning worship in our cycling gear. The more of us in cycling clothes, the better the promotion for the Cycling Club! Check back soon for the date of our next “Bike-to-Church” Sunday.

There are 126 bike racks in the neighborhood, most convenient to the church. A map of bike parking opportunities in the neighborhood is available online.

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Helmets and Waivers

All participants in Fourth Church Cycling Club rides are required to wear a helmet and sign a waiver.

Waivers for adults and waivers for youth and children can be downloaded and completed in advance and given to the ride coordinator on the day of the ride. These blanket waivers need only be completed once per cyclist.

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For more information about the Cycling Club, to sign up or express interest, or to volunteer to help with events and programming, email the Cycling Club.

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