ThirtiesForties is a fellowship group of individuals in their 30s and 40s joined together in faith, fellowship, and service.

Our friendships enrich our spirit. The Holy Spirit guides our exploration of the Word and leads us to serve the community and each other.

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Upcoming Events

“Life in Focus”
   A Series for People in Their Thirties and Forties

   Third Sunday of the month, through May (no program in April)
   11:00 a.m. in Room 5D in the Gratz Center

Led by Adrian Guiu and Scott Paeth, “Life in Focus” will use a theological ethical lens to bring into focus topics for each monthly conversation.

May 18, 2014
   Legacy (Adrian Guiu and Scott Paeth)

Adrian Guiu teaches ethics, philosophy, and comparative religions at Wright College in Chicago. He also is a Ph.D. candidate in the history of Christianity at the University of Chicago.

Scott R. Paeth is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University in Chicago. He works in the fields of Christian social ethics and public theology.

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Share Your Joys and Concerns

As “a community of friends joined together in fellowship by our faith in and service to our Lord Jesus Christ,” ThirtiesForties seeks to support members of this fellowship group through prayer and love. If you have a joy to share or would like to hold up a particular concern in prayer, please send an email to Sarah, and we’ll include your request in the next newsletter.

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Steering Committee Contact Information

Deborah Zak - Chair

Susan Gann - Co-chair

Jenny Beck

Carol Carpenter

Vincent Geckler

Erich Kirr

Marcella McGuinn

Jeff Neaves

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For more information about ThirtiesForties, contact Anne Ellis (312.573.3369).

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