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Fourth Presbyterian Church has a long history of vibrant and mutually beneficial relationships with neighboring communities from the Jewish, Muslim, and other faith traditions.

The Interfaith Resource Committee of Fourth Church supports our community’s efforts to deepen our Christian faith by engaging the faith traditions of others. We serve as a resource to our church’s members, ministries, and friends in seeking to promote understanding, fellowship, and service for the common good among all people of faith.

The Interfaith Resource Committee invites you to join the committee’s email list by contacting Anne Ellis (312.573.3369) to learn more about upcoming interfaith opportunities at Fourth Church, including

• Book discussions and public presentations on interfaith topics
• Interfaith worship services
• Tours of places of worship
• Joint service and advocacy projects
• Education on other faith traditions’ practices and celebrations
• Fine arts performances
• Festival meals to celebrate the Jewish High Holy Days and the Muslim month of Ramadan
• Classes with interfaith themes, offered by the Academy for Faith and Life

You can also find us on Facebook at Interfaith at Fourth Church.

Upcoming Interfaith Opportunities

Religion in Interfaith Homes
A Series for Couples and Families

   Sundays, February 1, May 3, and October 11
   at Fourth Presbyterian Church (126 E. Chestnut St.)
   Sundays, April 12 and November 8
   at Chicago Sinai Congregation (15 W. Delaware Pl.)

   1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

As more and more people marry someone from a different faith, change faiths, or choose to embrace more than one faith, religious homes have become complex. “Religion in Interfaith Homes,” a joint program between Chicago Sinai Congregation and Fourth Presbyterian Church, explores many of the questions and issues that arise when more than one faith is a part of a religious home.

Co-taught by Joyce Shin, Associate Pastor at Fourth Church; Seth Limmer, Senior Rabbi at Chicago Sinai; and David Levinsky, Associate Rabbi at Chicago Sinaiwith a Catholic priest and a Muslim imam as guest teachersthis class takes an open and nonjudgmental approach to questions such as, How do you talk to your kids about God when parents think differently about the Divine? What do we have in common?

“Religion in Interfaith Homes” is held monthly (except some months; see below for schedule), starting February 1, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. The location of each class will alternate between Fourth Church (126 E. Chestnut St.) and Chicago Sinai Congregation (15 W. Delaware Pl.).

Participants are invited to attend whichever conversations interest them and as their schedules allow.

February 1

Planning Your Wedding and Preparing for Marriage
(hosted by Fourth Church)

April 12
God and Theology
(hosted by Chicago Sinai)

May 3
Death, Grief, and the Afterlife
(hosted by Fourth Church)

October 11
Birth Rituals and Religious Education
(hosted by Fourth Church)

November 8
What Are We Doing This December?
(hosted by Chicago Sinai)

For more information about “Religion in Interfaith Homes,” contact Joyce Shin.

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Sharing Sacred Texts

Presented by Sharing Sacred Spaces

Sharing Sacred Texts is a year-long series of events taking place in a variety of sacred spaces in Chicago. It offers opportunity to share and reflect upon the written religious traditions embedded in Chicago’s history.

Sharing Sacred Spaces is an organization of area congregations that facilitates interreligious community-building through shared religious services, open demonstrations of religious practices, and engaged dialogue among traditions, thus supporting Chicago’s interfaith community.

Upcoming Program Locations

     January 2015
     Chicago Sinai Congregation
     (15 W. Delaware)

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Ongoing Interfaith Opportunities with Fourth Church

Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service

Each Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago Sinai Congregation, and Holy Name Cathedral gather for a service of thanksgiving. Each congregation takes a turn hosting the service, with the other congregations providing music and worship leadership.

Interfaith Passover Seder

Each spring, Chicago Sinai Congregation graciously hosts guests from Fourth Church and other congregations at a Passover Seder.

Book Discussions

Discussions of books on interfaith topics, such as Bruce Feiler’s Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths, as well as discussions with interfaith partners are among the ways in which we learn about and engage the faith traditions of others.

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Holidays of the Abrahamic Faiths

A complete listing of religous holidays for this year and future years can be found at All Jewish holidays begin at sundown of the day prior to the date listed.

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Previous Interfaith Opportunities with Fourth Church

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine accompanying an Interfaith Dialogue presented by Interfaith Youth Core
During the Sunday, November 15, 2009, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. worship services

As part of the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. worship services, world-renowned Chicago violinist Rachel Barton Pine accompanied an interfaith dialogue presented by two members of the Interfaith Youth Core, Hind Makki, Outreach Education and Training Associate, and Erin Williams, Chicago Projects Coordinator and the author of the dialogue.

Interfaith Youth Core (IYC) works on college and university campuses to make sure that as religiously diverse young people interact, this interaction leads to positive, cooperative relationships in local communities by inspiring, networking, and resourcing young people to build new relationships built on mutual respect. Instead of focusing a dialogue on political or theological differences, IYC builds relationships on shared values, such as hospitality and caring for the earth, and how those values can be lived out together to contribute to the betterment of the community.

Evolving Faith: Meaning, Faith, and Ethics

An Interview of Public Radio’s Krista Tippet by Eboo Patel, Founder of Interfaith Youth Core

On Monday evening, November 16, in collaboration with Chicago Public Radio and American Public Media

Krista Tippett, who spends much of her time interviewing others on public radio’s Speaking of Faith, became the interviewee for an evening. Eboo Patel, Founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core, ill asked the questions of Ms. Tippett, who hosts American Public Media’s weekly program on “religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas,” drawing out compelling and challenging voices of wisdom on the most important subjects of twenty-first-century life. She is also the author of the book Speaking of Faith, which she wrote, in part, to answer the question she is often asked: how she went from a life and career of geopolitical engagement to becoming a religious person again and studying theology.

An Interfaith Service of Commemoration Marking the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11
On Sunday, September 11, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. at Fourth Church

This service for the community was hosted by Chicago Sinai Congregation, the Downtown Islamic Center, Fourth Presbyterian Church, and Holy Name Cathedral. Youth from each community read during the service, leaders from the communities offered reflections, and a combined ninety-five member choir premiered Aaron David Miller’s “Voices of Peace,” based on poems by children on the topic of peace. A children’s choir from the Downtown Islamic Center also sang, and all worshipers participated in candlelighting. Afterwards a reception was held in Anderson Hall, with each of the cohosts bringing refreshments. In this piece, Associate Pastor Joyce Shin, who helped plan the tenth anniversary service, reflects on the music that held the service together.

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If you wish to receive periodic updates of upcoming interfaith events,
please send your email address to Anne Ellis.

For more information about interfaith relations and opportunities, contact Joyce Shin, Associate Pastor for Congregational Life (312.274.3835).

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Interfaith Photos

Interfaith Sacred Solidarity Event | June 10, 2012

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