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The following job description for the position of Pastor of Fourth Church is also posted with the Church Leadership Connection of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and can be downloaded in pdf format as well.

General Information
Church Mission Statement
Church Programs and Accomplishments
Gifts, Skills, and Experiences the Congregation Possesses to Fulfill Its Mission
Key Theological Issues Reflected in Our Ministry
Position Description
Self-Referral Contact Information

General Information

Church ID: 01580
Church Name: The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago

Mailing Address:
126 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, IL 60611.2014
Phone: 312.787.4570
Fax: 312.787.4584
Web site:

Church Size: More than 1500 members
Average Worship Attendance: 1,500
Church School Attendance: 250 
Church School Curriculum: “We Believe”
Ethnic Composition of Congregation:
2% African American; 94% Caucasian; 2% Korean; 2% Other

Presbytery: Chicago
Synod: Lincoln Trails 
Community Type: Urban

Position to Be Filled: Pastor (Head of Staff)
Employment Status: Full Time
Years of Experience Desired: 6 years or more
Language Requirements: English
Is this a yoked congregation? No

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Church Mission Statement

We are a light in the city reflecting the inclusive love of God. Comforted and challenged by the Gospel of Christ, we strive to be a welcoming, serving community.

At the intersection of faith and life, we share God’s grace through worship, preaching, education, and ministries of healing, reconciliation, and justice.

We affirm the worth of all and nurture each individual’s spiritual pilgrimage. Inspired by our heritage, we confront our future with hope and confidence in God’s purpose.

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Church Programs and Accomplishments

Legacy. Founded in 1871, the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago moved to its current location on Michigan Avenue in 1914 and has had five head pastors in the last 100 years. Over the past few decades, Fourth Church has become a destination for families and young adults, each year, on average, baptizing 135 infants, confirming 25 eighth-graders, and welcoming 240 new members. Today, we are a growing congregation, with four worship services every Sunday and a full- and part-time staff of 175.

Congregational Life. Our recently updated membership records reflect a congregation of 5,400 members. Our programs include Sunday School, adult education, groups for new mothers and young adults, and a Center for Life and Learning serving older adults. Our Counseling Center helps address the emotional and mental health needs of congregants and the community. Fourth Church also has a growing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The annual budget of the church and its programs is approximately $9 million.

Outreach and Mission. Chicago Lights, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission arm, facilitates many Fourth Church outreach services. The Tutoring Program provides weekly one-to-one tutoring and healthy meals to 400 economically disadvantaged students. Our Social Service Center annually meets the basic human needs of more than 1,660 adults who are homeless or living in poverty. Fourth Church also organizes and funds numerous local, national, and international mission trips each year.

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Gifts, Skills, and Experiences the Congregation Possesses to Fulfill Its Mission

Active, Diverse Congregation. Fourth Church is an active congregation, attracting members of diverse faith backgrounds and life experiences. Our church bustles with activities, classes, and worship every day, from early morning to late at night. Members and guests are drawn to the church by worship services, musical programs, volunteer activities, and major life events.

Strong Pastoral Staff and Lay Leaders. A staff of 8 ordained clergy members works with the Pastor to lead the congregation through teaching, preaching, and hands-on programs. Fourth Church is also blessed with committed lay leaders, who make up our 37-member Session, 50-member Board of Deacons, 21-member Board of Trustees (overseeing the financial, legal, and property affairs of the church), and 20-member Chicago Lights Board. We also have a Personnel Committee, which works with the Pastor to create staffing plans and administer annual reviews, and a Joint Finance Committee, which works with the staff on financial matters.

New 80,000-Square-Foot Building. We are constructing a five-story modern building, called the Gratz Center, which will be connected to our 1914 Gothic building. The new building will house classrooms, a dining room and kitchen, a 300-seat chapel, a large gathering space, and a children’s area and playground. It is a symbol of our affirmation of the church’s past and our leap of faith into the future.

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Key Theological Issues of Our Church and Society That Are Reflected in the Ministry of the Congregation

Reformed and Always Reforming. At Fourth Church, we believe the Gospel must be proclaimed with the Bible, informed by awareness of current world events. That stance is reflected in our strong Reformed worship and insightful preaching, which ties the Word of God to the issues and struggles of contemporary life; in education programs that focus on daily Christian discipleship, as well as on Bible study and spiritual disciplines; and in dynamic mission programs that help others and draw volunteers to the church.

A Light in the City. Fourth Church believes that Christ calls us to reach out to all people. We are a welcoming community, diverse in age, economic status, and faith backgrounds, steadily increasing in racial and ethnic diversity, with programs for all ages. Our Interfaith Resource Committee supports our congregation’s efforts to engage in activities with our Jewish and Muslim neighbors and with other churches in the city. A Leader in the

PC(USA) and the Nation. Fourth Church clergy and members have held significant leadership roles in the PC(USA) and the Presbytery of Chicago. We are a founding member of the Covenant Network, and our commitment to diversity led to the formation of the Multicultural Committee, which arranges programming to enhance the inclusivity of our church.

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Hugh Halverstadt
Member of Chicago Presbytery; Professor of Ministry at McCormick Theological Seminary; honorably retired
1000 Fair Oaks Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302.1338

Nancy Enderle
Interim Executive Director of Covenant Network; former Executive Associate Pastor at Fourth Church
2111 Adams St., Madison, WI 53711.2149

Deborah Kapp
Edward F. and Phyllis K. Campbell Professor of Urban Ministry at McCormick Theological Seminary; former Associate Pastor at Fourth Church; regular attendee at Fourth Church
1201 N. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, IL  60302.1141

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Position Description

Major Responsibilities

The Pastor will

  • Lead Fourth Church’s worship life and continue the dynamic preaching tradition, inspiring the congregation and the lay officers
  • Serve as the head of staff—supervising, building, and developing a collegial team of ordained and non-ordained staff members
  • Nurture the spiritual and educational development of the members of the congregation
  • Oversee the development and implementation of effective evangelism programs
  • Manage the resources of the church and the deployment of those resources
  • Champion the church's fundraising, stewardship, and resource development initiatives
  • Be committed to nurturing children and families
  • Maintain and foster strong relations with the Presbytery of Chicago and the PC(USA)
  • Develop working relationships with leaders of other faith communities

Description of characteristics and qualifications needed in a person who would fill this position

Over the past 100 years, Fourth Church has been led by five pastors, each of whom has preached with conviction, led with vision, and faced head-on the issues of the time, leaving a lasting legacy. We are seeking a leader who is a gifted preacher with spiritual and intellectual depth.

The pastor will be

  • A visionary who will be respectful of Fourth Church's past while leading boldly into the future
  • An intellectually rigorous leader who is still growing in faithA person of vitality able to minister to a congregation diverse in age, faith backgrounds, and experiences
  • An outstanding communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build consensus, who listens well and exhibits humility
  • An active supporter of Fourth Church's mission work locally and globally
  • An experienced administrator with the ability to lead a sizable staff, engage the congregation in effective fundraising and stewardship programs, and understand the finances and operations of a large, complex church

Primary Skills

  • Preaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Communication (Written/Oral)
  • Community Service and Leadership
  • Corporate Worship/Sacraments
  • Ecumenical and Interfaith Activities
  • Fundraising
  • Involvement in Mission Beyond Local Church
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making

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Self-Referral Contact Information

Executive Presbyter
The Reverend Robert Reynolds
815 W. Van Buren #500, Chicago IL 60607
Phone: 312.488.3000
Fax: 312.243.8409

Committee on Ministry
The Reverend Anne Fisher
824 Waukegan Road, Deerfield IL 60015.3206
Daytime Phone: 312.488.3000
Office Phone: 312.836.3740
Fax: 312.243.8409

Juli Crabtree, Co-Chair
126 E. Chestnut St., Chicago IL 60611.2014
Preferred Phone: 773.935.7553
Alternate Phone: 312.972.1444
Fax: 773.296.6158

Doug Grissom, Co-Chair
126 E. Chestnut St., Chicago IL 60611.2014
Preferred Phone: 312.560.8686
Alternate Phone: 312.895.1215
Fax: 312.895.1156

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