Care Team Ministry

The Care Team Ministry at Fourth Church is a lay person-led program that provides help in daily tasks for individuals or families with significant healthcare concerns or other life-challenging situations.

This ministry enriches everyone involved and deepens our understanding of the gospel’s message of love and caring for each other.

What Is a Care Team?
What Does a Care Team Do? | What Does a Care Team Not Do?
Requesting Care


What Is a Care Team?

A Care Team is a group of trained volunteers (members of the church and community at large) who provide help to a person or family at the request of that person or family.

That care is offered in consultation with the Parish Associate for Caring Ministries. The care recipient and the pastor overseeing the program determine (a) the kinds of help that are needed, (b) that the recipient is willing to accept care, and (c) that the requested care is within the scope of the program.

The duration of a Care Team depends on the needs of the care recipient and may be of a short-term or long-term nature.

If you are interested in serving on Care Team, please click here.

What Does a Care Team Do?

Tasks performed by Care Teams may include

  • Cooking and delivering meals
  • Visiting or offering respite care
  • Telephoning
  • Picking up or delivering prescriptions or groceries
  • Performing light household chores
  • Accompanying or providing transportation for medical appointments or hospital dismissals
  • Helping with mail
  • Babysitting (with another team member) for a brief spell (e.g., while the recipient sleeps or goes to a medical appointment)

What Does a Care Team Not Do?

A Care Team member may not provide

  • Financial assistance or major gifts
  • Medications or assistance with medications
  • Lifting or other hands-on assistance, which could injure the recipient or the volunteer
  • Dressing or undressing a care recipient
  • Pastoral or spiritual counseling

Requesting Care

If you or someone you know is in need of care, please contact Jeffrey Doane, Parish Associate for Caring Ministries and Spiritual Formation ( or Carol Allerton, Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care (312.640.5448;