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Hospital Visitation

Our pastors regularly visit Fourth Church members when they are hospitalized. 

If you or someone you know will be, or is already, hospitalized and would welcome a visit from one of our pastors, please call or email David Handley, Interim Minister for Pastoral Care (; 312.573.3360) or Carol Allerton, Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care (312.640.5448;

You might ask what a hospital visit from a pastor would be like. We offer prayer before surgery or prayers with loved ones waiting for another to come out of surgery.

Often we also offer prayers with you in your hospital room as you are recovering or waiting for a diagnosis.

Our visits aren’t long, because we know it’s tiring to be a patient in the hospital. But we see our visits as a sign of God’s care for you during stressful and challenging times. We are also glad to visit during happy moments, and we regularly offer prayers of thanksgiving when a new baby is born.

Pastor Contacts

Pastors can provide short-term pastoral counseling and referrals for longer-term help. The pastoral staff is available for appointments in our offices, to visit you in your home, or or to visit wherever would be welcome or helpful.

Please call or email the pastoral staff person directly to arrange for an appointment.

For more information about Pastoral Care at Fourth Church, contact David Handley, Interim Minister for Pastoral Care (; 312.573.3360).