Family Camp

To register for our 2019 Family Camp, please click here!

Family Camp is a weekend retreat, typically held on the first weekend after our regular Sunday School year ends, that offers families a chance to spend quality time with one another while also deepening their relationships with other families.  From scavenger hunts to camp activities to campfires, this weekend is an absolute blast and one of our favorite weekends of the year.

Family Camp is held each year at Covenant Harbor, a Christian camp located an hour and a half away from Chicago in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The camp combines a woodsy feel with hotel accommodations (yes, we’re technically not camping) that is perfect for families of all ages, and their staff provides us with some absolutely delicious meals as well.


Family Camp 2019

Friday, May 17—Sunday, May 19 
Covenant Harbor Camp
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

To register for Family Camp, please click here.

Family Camp is one of our favorite weekends of the year, as dozens of families head north to spend a weekend full of fun and fellowship together. From camp classics like hikes and campfires to activities like rock climbing and canoeing to Sunday morning worship out on the lakefront, there is a lot to enjoy!

If this would be your first time at Family Camp, please know that although the name has “camp” in it, we’re not exactly roughing it. We stay in the cam’'s main lodge in rooms that are akin to hotel rooms—the camp part is strictly outside!

The cost is $300 per room, along with an individual charge per person for food. If you've never been to Family Camp before and have specific questions about the weekend, please feel free to contact Matt Helms.

For more information about Family Camp, contact Matt Helms (312.573.3362).

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