Nursery Care

On Sunday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., child care for infants and toddlers (ages six months through two-year-olds) is available on the first floor of the Gratz Center.

Our nursery facility has three rooms: an infants room, a ones room, and a twos room. If you have an infant younger than six months, we invite you to bring your child with you to worship, since these children’s immune systems are still developing.

When you arrive at the Nursery, Jill Keiser, our Nursery Superintendant, will assist you with checking in and can help you locate your child’s room. After checking in, you and your child will receive a numbered bracelet and a corresponding tab that identifies you as the parent of that child. You will also receive a pager, which will be used to signal you during worship if your child needs you.

Fourth Church always has a minimum of two adults present in a nursery room in order to ensure your child’s safety. We also use the following guidelines in staffing our nursery:

  • In the infant nursery, the ratio is 1 worker to 2 children
  • In the ones room, the ratio is 1 worker to 4 children
  • In the twos room, the ratio is 1 worker to 6 children

For more information about nursery care, contact Matt Helms, Associate Pastor for Children and Family Ministry (312.573.3362).