About the CLL

CLL in-person programming has been suspended indefinitely to mitigate health risks. Read more...

In the fall of 1965 a two-day-a-week program was developed by the Board of Deacons to provide a place for older adults to share fellowship and activities. Table fellowship began by everyone bringing a brown-bag lunch; conversations with friends were followed by a special speaker.

As the program developed, craft classes were replaced with continuing education courses. Currently a variety of twenty-two different classes are offered four days a week, with more than 600 older adults taking advantage of the daily offerings, events, and social activities presented by the CLL and Fourth Presbyterian Church.

The Center for Life and Learningnow one of the oldest older adult programs in the cityis proud to continue offering relevant programming and aid in making lasting friendships.

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For more information about the Center for Life and Learning, contact Susan Quaintance (312.981.3386), Director of the Center for Life and Learning.