Frequently Asked Questions

CLL programming has been suspended indefinitely to mitigate health risks. Read more...


Do I need to be a member of Fourth Presbyterian Church to participate?

The CLL is open to all 60 and older, one must not be a member of the church or a person of faith to participate. All programming of the church is open to the public and the CLL is an outreach program of the church for the older adult community.

I am interested in joining but the year is half over, is that okay?

Absolutely! We offer two pro-rated costs for people that sign up mid-year. All of our classes are taught to accommodate busy schedules and do not build upon each other, all are meant to be “one-off” classes.

Do I need to sign up for each of the weekly CLL classes that I’m interested in once I become a member?

No. The benefit of CLL membership is that you get access to all 22 of our weekly classes on a drop-in basis. No outside work is required in preparation for your first class.

If you are a new member interested in attending “Memoir and Creative Writing” please call CLL staff to see if there is current availability.

How do I know where the classes are located that I am taking?

Most CLL programming happens on the fifth floor of the Gratz Center. Exercise classes meet in Anderson Hall. Large lecture classes use Room 4G in the Gratz Center.

There are calendar monitors that list all the day’s events (including CLL activities) inside both the Delaware and Chestnut Street entrances. On the fourth and fifth floor, CLL classes are also listed on the monitors you’ll see when you get off the elevators.

You may also ask the church receptionist where classes are occurring. Please note that classes might occasionally need to change location at the last minute. We do our best to give advance notice if this needs to happen. 

Where do I go to register for a class or event that I want to sign up for?

You may find any CLL staff person on the fifth floor of the Gratz Center in the lounge right off of the elevators during class time or in the main office near reception. You may register for classes and activities in person or on the phone with CLL staff using cash, check, or credit card.

Alternatively, you may go online and register from the CLL web page.

How do I keep up to date with what is going on?

The CLL has many different ways it keeps its members informed about upcoming programming. 

The CLL enewsletter is the best way to learn about programming, sign up here.

The CLL brochure lists upcoming dates for programming; it can be picked up at the literature rack by the church reception desk, in the CLL office, or on the fifth floor.

The CLL web page on the Fourth Presbyterian Church website ( also has full information on our classes and teacher biographies.

CLL classroom announcements are read at the beginning of each class to highlight what is coming up.

For more information about the Center for Life and Learning, contact Susan Quaintance (312.981.3386), Director of the Center for Life and Learning.