Christian Century Study Groups

The Christian Century magazine addresses a myriad of issues, theological and seular, and in doing so, invites readers to “think critically and live faithfully.” For decades, the Century, which the Chicago Tribune has ranked as one of “America’s 50 Best Magazines,” has informed and shaped progressive, mainline Christianity.

Through the decades, in this turbulent world, the Christian Century has continued to serve as an important guide in helping us deal with a myriad of issues, theological and secular.

It’s a magazine that inspires and enlightens its readers.
It exposes our shameful toleration of brutalities,
but also helps us see wonder and beauty all around us.
It makes us wiser than we are.
It leads Christians and others to more mature understandings of the world.

The Christian Century matters. We can use it to help make our little corner of existence a better place, if we do it right. In a world of many choices about how we live, this seems like a positive way to invest some of our energy and spend some of our time.

Christian Century study groups at Fourth Church act on this invitation, using the presentation of issues as the basis for discussing the challenging social, ethical, and theological matters presented in the Christian Century.

Upcoming Sessions

Christian Century Study Groups are currently on a break. For more information about Christian Century Study Groups, please contact Simon Crow (312.573.3369).