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Lenten Devotions from Fourth Presbyterian Church

Friday, March 6, 2020  

Today’s Hymn

In you alone, O God, we hope,
and not in our own merit.
We rest our fears in your good word;
uphold our fainting spirit.
Your promised mercy is my fort,
my comfort, and my strong support;
I wait for it with patience.

“Out of the Depths” (v. 3) by Martin Luther
Hymn 424, Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal

“In you alone, O God, we hope,
and not in our own merit.”

I’d much rather figure out how to do something on my own and prove my “own merit” than ask for help. Maybe this is because I’m a first-born daughter and so I’ve learned to be self-sufficient, or maybe it’s because I somehow got this warped idea that asking for help is a sign that I’m not good enough to do something and I don’t like that feeling. Whatever it may be, putting my hope or trust in anyone else isn’t a skill of mine. Instead, I tend to stress myself out by trying to do everything by myself until I realize that it’s not healthy or the best course of action.

Perhaps this verse is challenging me to lean more fully into the concept of living by faith and hope and not by fear. Instead of waiting until I feel like my spirit is fainting to ask for help, I can find that strong support and comfort in God.

Lord, hold me in your everlasting promise of hope when I think I can do everything on my own and when I finally remember that I need to trust in you. Grant me the patience I’ll require for myself to come into closer relationship with you. Amen.

Written by Katrina Buchanan, Editorial Assistant

Reflection and Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church

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