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Lenten Devotions from Fourth Presbyterian Church

Wednesday, July 15, 2020  

Today’s Scripture Reading  |  Isaiah 44:6–8

Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god. Who is like me? Let them proclaim it, let them declare and set it forth before me. Who has announced from of old the things to come? Let them tell us what is yet to be. Do not fear, or be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? You are my witnesses! Is there any god besides me? There is no other rock; I know not one. (NRSV)

“Do not fear or be afraid.” The first reading of that passage does about as much for me as a parent telling their child that there is no monster under the bed. Sure, God, you can claim there is nothing for me to fear, but over there, in the shadows, there are unknowns. Would you take a flashlight and prove to me that there is not something out there just waiting to get me? I am not sure I will be OK in the unknown.

But the truth is God has done more than just declare I should not be afraid. God has been with me every time things are scary, challenging, or unknown. God lights my path. Together we have made it through, often (usually) not how I expected but through, nonetheless. God has shown me the monsters under the bed will be defeated. God is the first and the last, the Lord of hosts. May I have the faith to trust in God through the great unknown.

Loving and all-powerful God, I am afraid. Help me to remember that you are with me, even when the path ahead is unknown. You are my rock. May I trust in that forever. Amen.

Written by Katie Patterson, Youth Ministry Program Manager

Reflection and Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church

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