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Tribune on the Gratz Center: “Welcome and Brave Grace Note”

The Genevieve and Wayne Gratz (rhymes with hats) Center is a new five-story, 80,000-square-foot addition built immediately to the west of the Sanctuary and Parish House. It is named after Genevieve and Wayne Gratz, grandparents of Ken Griffin, who with his wife, Anne, donated $11.5 million to the Project Light and Project Second Century capital campaigns to fund the building. The building was constructed to house the Day School preschool program, the Buchanan Chapel, a new dining room and kitchen, offices, and rooms for Sunday School, Tutoring, adult education, meetings, fellowship gatherings, and more.

CBS Segments on the Gratz Center

Early on Tuesday morning, December 4, for the CBS 2 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. news broadcast, Vince Gerasole dropped by for a tour of the Gratz Center with Calum MacLeod and architect Brian Vitale.

The result was three fun segments you can watch here:

Rooftop Interview
Calum took CBS 2 to the roof of the Gratz Center for an early morning view,
in the first of three segments about Fourth Church and the Gratz Center.


Buchanan Chapel
In the second segment, architect Brian Vitale of Gensler talks
to reporter Vince Gerasole about Buchanan Chapel.

Commons in the Gratz Center
In the third segment, Calum and Brian talk about the Gratz Center,
how it complements the 1914 buildings and is a realization
of the congregation’s vision for the future.


Gratz Center Photo Albums

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Events 2013
Gratz Center Community Open House | January 12, 2013
Gratz Center Ribbon Cutting | January 12, 2013
Gratz Center Grand Opening Ceremony | January 12, 2013
A Special Thank-You to Ditka’s | January 12, 2013

Events 2012
Dedicating the Gratz Center and Buchanan Chapel | November 18, 2012
Laying the Gratz Center Cornerstone | September 16, 2012
Join Us Sunday as We Lay the Gratz Center Cornerstone! | September 15, 2012

Construction 2012

Laying the Labyrinth in Buchanan Chapel | October 14, 2012
The Green Roof of the Gratz Center | September 23, 2012
Anderson Hall Is Back; Cobblestones Are Gone | September 22, 2012
Gratz Center Floors 2–5: August 2012 | August 30, 2012
Gratz Center Buchanan Chapel: August 2012 | August 26, 2012
Gratz Center First Floor: August 2012 | August 20, 2012
Gratz Center Commons: August 2012 | August 15, 2012
The Gratz Center Exterior: August 2012 | August 11, 2012
Gratz Center Construction: February 2012 | February 29, 2012
John and Sue Buchanan Tour the Gratz Center | January 24, 2012
The Gratz Center at the Beginning of 2012 | January 2, 2012

Construction 2011
The Gratz Center Has Been Topped Off! | December 29, 2011
Installing the Beam Signed by the Congregation! | December 27, 2011
Thank You to All Those Hard at Work on the Gratz Center! | December 2011
The Beams for the New Buchanan Chapel | December 2011
Snow on the Construction Site | December 9, 2011
How High Will the Gratz Center Be? | December 8, 2011
What a Difference a Day Makes! | December 1–2, 2011
Construction Progress: November 2011 | November 18, 2011
Construction Album 5: Structural Steel Work Continues | November 2011
Construction Album 4: Structural Steel Work Begins! | October 7, 2011
Construction Album 3: Project Second Century | August 26–September 12, 2011
Construction Album 2: Project Second Century | July 28, 2011
Construction Album 1: Project Second Century | June–July 2011
Groundbreaking for the Gratz Center | June 5, 2011


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