Mission and Insight Trips

Mission trips enable us, as representatives of Fourth Presbyterian Church, to live with and learn from our brothers and sisters from around the world, from Central America to Chicago’s South Side. We share their struggles with hunger and violence. We do what we can to help, but mostly we show that we care.

We also discover that when we break away from our routines, we see new connections and make lasting friendships with each other.

If you are unable to travel, you can still participate in global mission by attending special programs featuring our partners from around the world. Events are announced in the News@FourthChurch e-newsletter (request a subscription via news@fourthchurch.org) and the Sunday bulletin insert “News and Opportunities.”

Occasionally calls go out for items needed by our hosts, such as medications and church school supplies, which our travelers can take with them. We invite you to consider supporting this aspect of global mission.

The material things, though, are secondary. Invariably our hosts make one request we all can honor: “Pray for us.”

Upcoming Mission and Insight Trips
Trip Team Expectations
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Upcoming Mission and Insight Trips

Peace and Compassion:
A Music and Travel Seminar to the Middle East

June 1–15, 2021

Registration deadline: September 1, 2021
Register online at www.bit.ly/mideast2022

Whether singer or fellow traveler, member or friend of the hosting congregations,
all are invited on this trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories to share the gift
of music, to learn about daily life in the Middle East, and to build community among ourselves and all we encounter. An optional trip extension to Jordan (June 16–19) and the architectural wonder of Petra is also available to all travelers.

Trip Cost and Payment Schedule

  • $500 nonrefundable deposit due immediately upon registration.
  • Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Estimated Trip Cost

  • $5,554 per person

First payment due October 1, 2021
     25% of total cost

Second payment due December 1, 2021
     50% of total cost

Third payment due January 15, 2022
     75% of total cost

Fourth payment due March 1, 2022
     100% of total cost

Pricing does not include the following:

  • Passport and visa fees
  • Beverages (other than coffee and tea with breakfast and water with dinner)
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance, which is highly recommended; brochures will be made available
  • Checked baggage fees, if applicable
  • Performing rights fees, if applicable
  • Instrument rental, excess baggage, or air cargo fees

For More Information
Contact John Sherer at jsherer@fourthchurch.org (312.981.3592).

See trip brochure here.

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Trip Team Expectations

God calls us to receive and share the love of Jesus Christ, a love that crosses all cultural, geographic, economic, and generational boundaries. Mission trips provide opportunities for serving, learning, advocacy, peacemaking, spiritual inspiration, and building relationships and cross-cultural awareness.

As we interact with brothers and sisters from around the world, we honor their dignity and show respect through mutuality, learning and receiving from them while giving support in solidarity. It is essential for us to follow their lead and wisdom on addressing the quality of life and witness of faith in their context.
Mission trip participants are asked to bring an open and humble mind of a beginner. 

  • Reflective worship is an important part of every trip.  
  • Mission trips start well before the date of departure and extend beyond our return home. All participants are expected to participate in orientations, trip-related activities, and debriefing and post-trip activities. Articles or books may be recommended reading.
  • Mission team members need to be flexible, cooperative, and positive, supporting the team leaders and our hosts as they need to adapt to unexpected circumstances and changes in plans. 
  • Accommodations are purposely modest to lower the cost of the trip and to benefit from the hospitality of our hosts. 
  • Estimated costs include airfare, most meals, lodging, ground transportation, and in some cases a contribution toward the project or people served. Actual costs may vary depending on changes in airfare and the number of participants who register.
  • Each team member must pay a 50 percent deposit of fees by the stated deadline, $100 of which is nonrefundable. Limited scholarships may be available upon request.
  • Unless stated otherwise, persons of all ages and abilities are welcome to apply.
  • For international trips, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your return date. A copy of the first two pages of the passport must be submitted with trip applications.

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Application Forms

Please see the individual trip descriptions for online registration links.

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For More Information

For more information, please contact Nancy Davis, Coordinator for Mission and Evangelism (312.274.3815).

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