Prayers of the People

Sunday, December 31, 2006
Offered by John W. Vest, Associate Pastor

Good and gracious God,
We give you thanks this day for the gift of life,
for the joy of Christ’s birth,
and the hope of a new year before us.
As our thoughts today are drawn to the conclusion of one year
and the beginning of the next,
help us to remember that we are still immersed in the miracle of Christmas.
With the roar of Christmas celebrations behind us,
surprise us anew with the mystery of the incarnation,
the reality of Christ with us.
Inspire our faith to proclaim with boldness the good news:
the overflowing of grace and salvation
and the emergence of your kingdom on earth.
Filled with your Spirit,
may we enter this new year renewed and transformed
and willing to join together in the renewing and transformation of the world.

Be with us when we are sick and in need of healing;
comfort us when we mourn;
and give us hope for eternal life.

Almighty God,
Bring peace to our warring planet
and stability to our fragile earth.
Inspire our leaders and those in power
to make wise decisions
and work with passion for the common good.

Help us, Lord, to bring an end to hunger and poverty.
Help us to fight oppression and prevent injustice.
Help us to shape our world as you would have it.

Lord, may our new year be marked by action instead of inaction.
Help us to partner with you and with each other
to bring about the bright future foreshadowed in the life of Christ.

Holy God,
You call us this morning to begin the real work of Christmas,
and we respond in faith,
as we join our voices together
in the words we are taught by Christ, your Son:

Our Father . . .

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