Prayers of the People

Sunday, January 14, 2007
Martha Langford, Pastoral Resident

Gracious God, we know that your steadfast love and faithfulness transcend the heavens. We pray that you renew your church with the fullness and generosity of your love, pouring out the gifts of your Spirit upon her. May church leaders and church members across the face of the globe live fully into your purposes for the one body of Christ. May we have the necessary grace and faithfulness to be for the world an exhibition of your kingdom on earth.

Eternal Ruler, we know that your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep, and that you act in history to save humans and animals alike. We pray that you guide the rulers of this world with your wisdom, so that they might lead their nations with justice and righteousness and mercy.

Merciful God, how precious is your steadfast love. We know that all people may take refuge in the shadow of your wings. We pray this day for those who are in need of refuge, for those who live in the broken places where war or violence or oppression or disaster ravage the people and leave them bereft. Comfort them and empower us to be agents of your care throughout the world.

God of hope, we know that there is abundance in your house; yet in this world there is want. We pray for all those who hunger and thirst, who are without house or home, who are weary or hopeless. We ask that they may find hope in your providential care. Give us the strength and determination to provide care to them as a visible demonstration of your love. Mold our lives and lifestyles so that the abundance of your creation may be more equitably shared by all the peoples of your earth.

Compassionate God, we know that with you is the fountain of life. We pray this day for all those who are sick, those who grieve, those who are anxious, those who have suffered loss. Let your healing Spirit be with them and those who care for them. We ask that we be uplifted as we seek to share each other’s burdens and minister to those in need of health and wholeness.

Creator God, who came to live among us in Jesus Christ and remains with us still through your Holy Spirit, we pray that you continue in your steadfast love to those who know you and draw all of creation into the gladness of your salvation.

Mighty God, whose Word we trust and whose Spirit enables us to pray, accept these our prayers and further those that will bring about your purpose for the earth. In the name of the one who taught us to pray by saying, Our Father . . . 

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