Prayers of the People

Sunday, January 28, 2007
Offered by Dana Ferguson, Executive Associate Pastor

God of amazing grace, you have promised good to us, and in your word our hope is secure. You are our shield and portion as long as life endures. We once were lost but now are found. Were blind but now we see. Before us have gone generations of your servants who have claimed these realities and sung these words, who have tasted your love, who have touched your mercy, who have accepted your forgiveness, and who have ventured into your purpose. Give us grace just now, we pray, that we might be learning from those who have gone before us that we might be found faithful in this and every day of our lives.

We are ever aware that the dangers and toils many face are real. That many are lost waiting to be found, blind waiting to see. And so we pray: Over the fray of lust for political power, cast the calm of noble conviction. Over the strife between races and clans, cast the tranquility of understanding. Over hate born of desperation, cast the composure of plenty. Over fear born of living in the presence of indifference, cast the healing balm of love. Over worry born of greed, cast the poise of generosity. Come, Lord Jesus. Over the dismay of growing old, cast the satisfaction of wisdom from above. Over the anxiety of grown-up responsibility, cast the assurance of your strength. Over the impatience of youth, cast the hope of making things better.

There is more, Lord Jesus. Over the terror of being known as we are, cast the mantle of your gentle acceptance. Over tensions among people who love each other, cast the relief of dependable forgiveness. Over the reality of disease, cast the touch of your steady healing. Over the dread of dying, cast always the hope of living.

We pray these prayers not just for ourselves or those we know or those we love but for the whole of this world you have so lovingly and carefully made. So make us willing answers, we pray God of amazing grace, to the prayers we make. And so fill us with such joy and thanksgiving that we will forever be proclaiming, even when we’ve been there ten thousands year, bright shining as the sun, that we’ve no fewer days to sing God’s praise than when we’d first begun. We make this prayer and every prayer in the name of the one in whom our hope is secure, praying as he first taught the disciples saying, Our Father . . .

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