Prayers of the People

Sunday, May 6, 2007
Offered by Elizabeth B. Andrews, Parish Associate

Great and gracious God:
   in galaxies beyond our imagining,
            infinities beyond what we are only beginning to understand
            of time and matter and space,
            “your word is still creating,
            calling us to life made new” (The Hymnal, 285)
And despite the dust and waste and turmoil of
             human conflicts and compulsions,
 your sweet earth still turns,
            exquisite leaves and blooms unfold,
            waves lap at shores,
            your creatures’ breath and heartbeats go on
                        through the days and nights given.
For the gift of life amid all
             that is good and beautiful in this world,
     we give you thanks and praise.
    How tender and precious and vulnerable it all is!
And for our many blessings we are grateful:
             for the gifts of love and family and friendships,
        the satisfactions where effort and creativity
                 have been fruitful,
             for all the ways that your grace has made it possible
                        for us to persevere,
            to experience some peace n the midst of uncertainty,
               to find strength in the face of our limitations,
                 to recognize your hand at work where things have
                                    turned out better
               than what we could have imagined or devised
                  on our own.
        Remembering . . . we are thankful.
In our own lives and relationships and in the life of the world
            we are painfully aware of broken pieces,
            the stunning—and subtle—injustices,
            crying needs, toxic indifference, deadly will-to-power.
     In all those places where what we can choose and do
                        would make a difference, guide us, dear God;
            in all those places where we must wait and wonder
                        grant patience, hope, and courage;
         and in those places where we cannot find the way alone,
                         enter in and guide us; draw us together to move as you will.
We remember before you this morning those of this fellowship,
            and those of the wider circles of the family of your children
for whom the days are long and hard.
We remember those who are lonely or ill
             or struggling in despair,
             those undergoing treatment, awaiting tests or surgery,
             the hungry and the hurting, and
             those facing special challenges in the week ahead:
       individuals and communities confronting loss and the tasks of rebuilding.
We pray for all near and far
     who live in fear; all caught up
                        in cycles of violence and destruction.
              Wisdom and new vision
            we ask for all those who lead and decide
     in the perilous balances of  power and policies where
               life and future are at stake.

“God, your word is still creating,
            calling us to life made new.” 
Hear us as we pray in the name of Jesus,
who took note of seeds and sparrows
and delighted in the lilies of the field,          
and as he taught us we call upon you, saying, Our Father . . .

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