Prayers of the People

Sunday, June 17, 2007
Offered by Calum I. MacLeod, Associate Pastor

We have much to enjoy, O Lord, and much to be thankful for.
For this new day which brings with it
the assurance that your creating and sustaining hand
is present in our world.

For peace and security in our daily living,
for health in our bodies and hope in our hearts.

For this city our home,
the lake, and the skyline, and the wider community
of which we are a part, in your name.

For the world and our engagement in it through mission.
We remember today our Fourth Church folks
returned safely from Cuba,
those doing mission in the Holy Land,
and our young people in mission downstate.

We have much to enjoy, O Lord,
and seek through these
to enjoy you and glorify you.

We have much to enjoy, O Lord,
and we have much to lament:
a world at war, and, if not at war, then preparing for it;
greater division between rich and poor
here at home and throughout the world;
friends and family who know the struggle of illness
or the pain of loss.

We have much to lament, O Lord,
and we have much to ask
through your Son.

O Christ the Master Carpenter,
be our architect and foreman and colleague,
that we might be fellow workers
in the construction of your kingdom.

May we build homes for the homeless,
bring hope to the hopeless;
create community for the lonely,
construct a place of sharing for the wealthy,
offer meaning to the bewildered,
and peace to the troubled.
Inspire us to live compassion in the face of meekness,
wholeness in the place of suffering,
life in the face of bereavement,
love in the face of fear.

And in all this, may we be true
to those who have walked this journey of faith
before us.
Those who loved us and told us the old, old story,
those who sat where we now sit,
those whose vision we seek to extend.

And grant that at the last we may be gathered together
in the Father’s house,
the family of God complete,
in the glory of your ever-loving presence.


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