Prayers of the People

Sunday, September 2, 2007
Offered by John W. Vest, Associate Pastor

Holy and mysterious God,
we marvel this morning at the wonder of you,
the many ways that you reach out to us,
the many ways that we experience you in our lives,
the many places that we feel your presence.

Though our experience of you is as different as each one of us,
we are in awe of your oneness and unity,
the singularity of the love and care you share with your creation,
the mystery of the one who was, and is, and is to come.

In the mystery of the Trinity
and our sacred memory of human beginnings,
we learn the secrets of community,
the paradox of being one yet being different,
individuals bound together in a sacred unity
that transcends our propensity for division.

And so, gracious God, this morning we come to you as one,
praying that your Spirit would fill us,
enlighten us,
empower us,
sustain us.

We pray as one church for our brothers and sisters throughout the world,
that from Chicago to the far ends of the earth,
the good news of your kingdom would be proclaimed
in prophetic words and courageous actions.

We pray for the nations of the world and those who lead,
that we may come together as one people,
that we may seek peace instead of war,
that we may work for healing and reconciliation,
that we may provide for those who suffer,
that we may end oppression and injustice,
that we may satisfy hunger and quench thirst,
that we may care for the planet you have entrusted to us,
that we may work to create the kind of world that you intend.

Merciful God, mindful of our own frailty, and the frailty of others,
we ask that you might restore wholeness for all of us who are broken,
for those who are sick in mind, body, and spirit,
for those who are dying and approach their final moments,
for those who grieve and mourn and feel the loneliness of loss.

In all of these situations, in all of our lives,
we trust in the power of your love, O God.

We know that you care for us;
we know that you hear us when we pray;
we know that you remember us when we don’t.

As one people in covenant relationship with one God,
we lift to you our joys and our sorrows,
our hopes and our fears,
and we rejoice in the assurance that you are with us through it all.
Loving God,
help us to follow in the way of your servant Jesus,
that our words and deeds may reflect his,
and our love convey your love
to a world that needs it so.

Hear us now, O God, as we join our voices as one,
praying as Jesus taught us.

Our Father . . .

Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church


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