Prayers of the People

Sunday, October 14, 2007
Offered by Calum I. MacLeod, Associate Pastor

Gracious and loving God,
we give thanks for your goodness and love towards us:
for the joy of home and family;
for the companionship of friends and neighbors;
for the city in which we live—
lake and skyline, neighborhoods and communities;
for the activities that fulfill our lives;
for strength that supports us
and love that surrounds us,
both when our joy is complete
and when it is touched by pain.

God of love and power,
we pray for your church in this place
and throughout the world,
that, through the courage and faith of your people,
your word may be preached and lived.

We pray for all in authority, locally and nationally,
that, in fulfilling their duties,
they may be guided by your Spirit
and upheld by your grace.

We pray for our city, our country,
and the nations of the world,
that, following the ways of truth and justice,
they may be free from bitterness and strife
and, by the power of your love, live in peace.

We pray for all who are in trouble,
that the sick may be cared for,
the lonely sustained,
the oppressed strengthened,
those who mourn be comforted
and that those close to death
may know the presence of their risen Lord.

We give thanks
for those who have died in the faith,
especially those known to us
who have entered into the joy and peace
of your nearer presence.
Grant that we may follow their example
and come to share with them
the glory of everlasting life,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church


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