Prayers of the People

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Offered by John Buchanan, Pastor

Good and gracious God, we lift our hearts to you. You have created the starry universe stretching into space and time; the world, our home, with its rejuvenating energy, its beauty, and its exquisite balance. And you have created each of us, breathed into us the breath of life. And so we lift our hearts and our minds to you in worship and adoration.

We give thanks to you, creator God, for that which makes our lives meaningful, for our dear ones: parents, who conceived and bore us; brothers and sisters; wives and husbands and partners; friends and colleagues; and children—newborns, who remind us of the mystery of human life; toddlers, who lift our spirits as they learn as they learn to walk; and little ones, brave, resilient, vulnerable, trusting with hearts open to love and the future and to you. We are grateful this day, particularly, for young people who today stand before us and you to claim the promise of your love and to align themselves with your people down through the ages, your church throughout the world, and with us, this congregation, as we seek to serve you faithfully and to be a light in the city in this place. Bless and keep them today and all the days ahead.

For all your gifts, we give you thanks, and we pray for others: for the sick and lonely, for the homeless and hungry, for the fearful and grieving. Bless them all with your peace and your comforting presence.

We pray for the people of Poland today and for our Polish friends and neighbors at the tragic loss of a distinguished, beloved leader. Strengthen the Polish people with resolve and courage and hope.

We pray for the men and women of our armed forces, particularly those who risk life itself to serve our country. Be with them; guard and protect them. And bless and keep our leaders: our president and his family, the Mayor of our city, and all those in authority. Give them gifts of wisdom and courage and humility and purpose.

And we pray for ourselves. Be with us today and in the week ahead. Keep us alert and awake to the signs of your goodness in the world, in people we encounter, and in the intimacy of our own lives. Help us to be faithful to you in all we do and give us glad and joyful hearts.

Hear our prayers; hear the prayers that remain hidden in our hearts. We offer them in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, who taught us to pray, Our Father . . .

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