Prayers of the People

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Offered by Thomas C. Rook, Parish Associate

Strong and faithful Lord, as we come to you in these moments, we ask you to refresh our spirits. We confess that we have too often sought nourishment in food that does not satisfy, in drink that does not quench our deepest thirst. You know, O Lord, how we can wander into winding valleys of misdirection and lose sight of you, our Good Shepherd. Guide us anew, gracious Lord, into those green pastures and to that living water that you provide generously and without cost.

Although we readily acknowledge your power, O Lord, we can sometimes lose assurance in your goodness and mercy. And so we can find ourselves carrying burdens of regret, of what we have done and what we have left undone. Reassure us that, in your unfailing love, you redeem even our life history, flaws and all, as you gather up the fragments into your basket and shape us finally into the image of Christ.

Remind us this morning, gracious Lord, of your steadfastness throughout our lives,
. . . your strength in preserving us in times of uncertainty, illness, and loss;
. . . your faithfulness in finding us and bringing us back home;
. . . your presence during times when we live in fear and loss.
Within all our difficulties, speak again your word of authority to our anxious hearts, “Peace! Be still!”

On this Father’s Day, we give special thanks for our fathers who have provided strong and faithful care for us and for all parents who build good and secure homes for their children. Thank you for others in parental positions—school teachers and Sunday School teachers, tutors and mentors, aunts and uncles. We give you thanks, O God, for all who guide and shape our children.

In these days of peoples struggling for fairness and freedoms, around the world and in the tough streets of Chicago, grant to leaders of countries and cities and corporations the wisdom and good will and vision that ultimately come from you. Stay always beside us, our loving Shepherd.
. . . In our times of danger, guard our lives.
. . . In times of temptation, guard our souls.
. . . At all times, lead us into acknowledgment of you as Lord of our lives.

Hear, O Lord, these thoughts and the unspoken prayers of each heart here today. And now we join our voices, praying the words of the Lord’s Prayer, Our Father . . .

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