Prayers of the People

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Offered by Calum I. MacLeod, Executive Associate Pastor

We come before you, O Lord, in this holy season of Lent,
knowing that you have called your disciples to go forward with you
on the way to the cross.

So hear our thanksgiving for your Son, whose journey to the cross reflects the love
of one who would lay down his life for his friends and who would call us friends.

The one who spoke of the seed dying in the ground to bring new life.

And hear our thanksgiving for the faithful who
throughout the ages have sought to follow that road
since you first took the journey those many years ago.

And hear our prayer of thanks
that we are to be counted in the line of the saints.
Grant that we would be given ears to hear your gospel
and strength to stay true on the road until we come to our Calvary.

And save us, O Lord, in all that we do as your disciples.
Save us from false familiarity with your journey.
May we never presume to step into your shoes,
but make us small enough to fit our own
and to walk in love and wonder behind you.

Almighty and ever-loving God,
in whom we live and move and have our being,
hear our prayers for the world and for each other.

God, creator of all things,
we praise you for the knowledge given to us
to search out and harness the hidden forces of nature.
Bless those who carry on the work of science in all its forms.
Grant them increasing knowledge,
increasing wisdom,
that they may use their discoveries and inventions for the welfare of all
and the relief of those who suffer most.

God, provider of all good,
hear our prayers for an outbreak of peace in the lands where war reigns,
for the roaring down of justice where people cry out against oppression or tyranny,
for the indwelling of hope where all seems lost,
for the spread of the rumor of your love casting out fear wherever it reaches.

God, sustainer of all your children,
stay close to those who are lonely today,
be known to those who are sick,
bestow your blessing on the one about to die
and your healing arm upon the one who mourns.
And we give thanks for those who have gone before us into the fullness of your presence,
where death itself is ended and every tear is wiped from every eye.
Keep us united with them until we too are called to see you face to face.

Let us pray the Lord’s Prayer together: Our Father . . .

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