Prayers of the People

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Offered by John W. Vest, Associate Pastor

God of love, peace, and justice,
we have been filled with your Spirit this morning,
comforted by your peaceful presence,
challenged to be bold in our lives of faith.

Give us courage to let our lives be shaped by the gospel,
that we may change our hearts and lives,
that we may love you with our entire beings,
that we may love our neighbors as ourselves,
that we may do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you.
Inspire us with a vision of the world as you want it to be;
enliven our imaginations to see what is possible.
Open our eyes to see clearly the needs of the world;
open our hearts to embrace the world in your love.
Lord, we pray for places of unrest around the world,
places like Nigeria, Kenya, and Syria,
places like Lawndale, East Garfield Park, Little Village, and Rogers Park,
where one person was killed and twenty-one injured last night
by gun violence.

Lord, we pray for economic uncertainty in Spain, Greece,
around the world, and right here in Chicago.
We pray for those without jobs, without homes, without food.

God, we pray for those fleeing wildfires in Colorado
and those who are fighting the blaze to save lives,
at the risk of their own lives.

We pray for those who suffer from illnesses of body and mind,
those who are anxiously waiting test results,
those who are recovering from treatments and surgeries,
those who are nearing the end,
and those who walk with their loved ones on these difficult journeys.
We pray for those who grieve and mourn,
giving thanks for the lives of those they love.
We rejoice in the gifts of new life
and celebrate the blessings of baptism today.

We give thanks for those graduating from high school this week,
for all those who have supported them on their journey,
and we pray for your guidance as these young people
make their next steps into the future.

We welcome with joy and awe
the arrival of the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital
into our neighborhood;
we give you thanks for the amazing safe transport and relocation
of so many patients this weekend;
we ask for your blessings on this wonderful place of healing, hope, and comfort.

God, we lift before you all of these things
and many more that fill our hearts and minds,
some that we speak
and some that we do not,
some that we cannot.

God, no matter the circumstances or situations we face,
we know that you surround us with love.
Help us to share that love with others,
as we participate in the stunning emergence of your kingdom
all around us.

Hear us now, dear God, as we join our voices as one
and pray for your coming kingdom
as Jesus taught us:

Our Father . . .

Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church


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