Prayers of the People

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Offered by Adam H. Fronczek, Associate Pastor

Good and gracious God, deep in our hearts we long that our lives would glorify you, but far too often other things get in the way. We come into your house this morning with our hearts and minds full of the questions we must answer and the burdens we must bear. So as we enter into a time of prayer, we first hold silence, that we might let go of our anxieties and be drawn into your presence . . .

We pray for our city, O God. We pray that your spirit of justice and forgiveness would move in the midst of the extraordinarily violent places that are far too common and are often separated from our sight. We pray for elderly people who will experience dangerous heat today and for children who are at risk during the summer because they have no safe place to spend the day or night. We ask your blessing upon all of them and on those who seek to help.

We pray for our nation, O God. In this week when health care reform has demonstrated our divisiveness, help us to remember the things that unite us, and teach us to celebrate our differences where they must exist. As we celebrate the birth of our nation this week, make us mindful once again of the sacrifices that have been made for our benefit, and bless those who continue to place themselves in harm’s way in acts of war.

We pray for our world, Lord, and that we would be responsible citizens of it. We pray for our church and its General Assembly this week. Do not allow us to ignore injustice. Do not allow us to be desensitized to hunger and disease. Do not allow us to be immobilized by problems that seem too big. Do not allow us to use our differences as an excuse for inaction.

And make us a thankful people, Lord. Help us to remember our good fortune and to enjoy it. Help us to slow down long enough to appreciate our friendships and our families, the gifts of marriage and parenthood, the encouragement that we are given by others, and the hope we are able to offer to all we meet. Where we have things to feel good about, may those feelings motivate us to treat one another with the generosity and forgiveness you have so often shown to us.

We ask all of this in the name of Christ our Lord.

Our Father . . .

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