Prayers of the People

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Offered by Donna Gray, Minister for Children and Families

Could it be, Great Conductor of the Universe, that you see us as instruments meant to play together in your symphony? Now in this quiet pause of prayer we stop to listen inwardly to the quality and style of music we hear one produce. Tell us again how we need to cooperate with each other and with you until the Composer’s message rings clear and strong to the world around us.

Teach us to read the signs of rhythm on your score that asks for sounds loud and soft, long and short, high and low. Correct the one who will not play his or her part or who invests in destroying your harmony with his or her own note until the call for quality is heard.

Here we are ready to lift our instruments, ready to play with skill or ready to use our talents and skills to teach, to guide, to counsel, to serve, to study, to practice. A testimony we would make, a sound of a phrase, a melody of thanksgiving, bright themes of hope, soft whispers of comfort—all part of our repertoire.

O Master Musician, who taught the angels to sing, hear the song as each in this congregation sings. Yet more, the symphony we create together. Teach us to be true servants of humanity so through us your love is seen and heard and realized in the world.

In the name of your great Composer, Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray: Our Father . . .

(Adapted from a prayer in Contemporary Worship Resources for Special Days, ed. Ralph Desson.)

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