Prayers of the People

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Offered by John W. Vest, Associate Pastor

Gracious God,
in this moment our hearts and minds are full—
filled with the inspiration and hope we come here to feel;
filled with happiness and joy from the many blessings of our lives;
filled with anxieties and fears from the challenges we face;
filled with sadness and grief from our failures and losses.

Even in this moment,
even in this place,
sometimes we don’t know what we should pray.
Sometimes we don’t know how to pray.
Yet in this moment, in this place,
and when we are not in this place,
living our lives in the world to which you call us,
we are grateful that your Spirit fills us up
and prays with us, prays for us.

In this moment, loving God,
we hold silence and seek to feel your presence.
We open ourselves to your Spirit;
we listen for your voice.


God, if you are for us,
who or what can be against us?
It’s true that some of us are sick;
it’s true that some of us have terminal illnesses;
it’s true that some of us have lost love ones;
it’s true that some of us face uncertainty;
it’s true that some of us are at risk;
it’s true that some of us are marginalized or oppressed;
it’s true that some of us are hungry or homeless;
it’s true that some of us fear for our lives in a culture of violence;
it’s true that many in our world are in the midst of war;
it’s true that each of us are sinners in need of redemption.

But we know, O God,
that none of this separates us from your love.
We know that ultimately the victory is already won.
We know that you will be with us, no matter what.

Holy God,
we are profoundly grateful for your love and care.
The weight of our troubles
is matched only by the magnitude of your grace.
The joy we share
is a reflection of your presence in our lives.

Even when we don’t know what to pray,
even when we struggle to hear the Spirit’s voice,
we have the prayer that Jesus taught us.
So hear us now as we join our voices as one,
praying for the coming of your kingdom,
using the words of your Son, our Lord.

Our Father . . .

Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church


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