Prayers of the People

Third Sunday of Advent, December 14, 2014

Offered by Judith L. Watt, Associate Pastor

Holy God of Light, Mary said, “Here am I, your servant.” O, that we could say the same with such faith. Here we are, Lord, in this place, surrounded by your angels high above us, surrounded by human angels in our midst, and surrounded by so much else outside these doors: the marketplace all around these streets, clamoring for our allegiance; crowds of people, hurrying everywhere, some making purchases motivated by love, others buying to fill a deep void, and still others, less visible, wishing they could buy just enough food to last the week.

Come, Lord Jesus, again, and focus our vision, each time we enter this place—on the steeple that points to the stars, on the cross that unobtrusively sits upon our roof, and on the twinkling lights everywhere around us. Make these things reminders of your light, the true light that has entered the world and continues to come, not because we have deemed it so, but because you have so loved us.

God, our world is in deep need. Nations are still brandishing swords, rather than sharing plows. Leaders are making deals. Interest groups are watching out for themselves. And so we pray again for the leaders of the world to become justice-seeking people caring for the welfare of all who inhabit their countries. We pray for justice for the poor and the marginalized. We pray that work would be available, not only for the highly educated and privileged but for day laborers and for everyone in between.

We pray for ourselves, too, that you would give parents of young children time to see the joy and anticipation in those young eyes; that our older members would find moments to share their wisdom and experience; that our teens would know that they are accepted; that each of us would be reminded of your wonder once again. For relationships that are strained, O Lord, we ask for compassion. And for hearts that are grieving, we ask for your comfort.

Come, Lord Jesus, and help us to say again, “Here we are. Here we are, your servants.” We pray this in the name of the One for whom we wait, saying together, Our Father . . .

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