Prayers of the People

Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 15, 2015
Offered by Victoria G. Curtiss, Associate Pastor

Loving God, we yearn for you. Deep inside we desire to know that you love and accept us just as we are. We seek release from our past mistakes and regrets. Grant us the opportunity to move beyond the hurt, cowardice, and pain of our lives. We look for direction, for your leadings and guidance for the important decisions we face or circumstances with which we must cope. We yearn for you.

As we draw closer to the Cross in this Lenten season, we, like the disciples and others, seek to understand the mystery of Christ who draws all people to himself. We need the reassurance that you are present with us in our most difficult times, knowing that you do not abandon us in our time of need. Help us to live trusting that you can redeem all seemingly hopeless situations that surround us.

We lift to you the brokenness of our world. Protect lives and pave the way toward peaceful negotiations and restoration wherever people live threatened by one another. Especially in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Russia, and Ukraine, we pray for peace.

We pray for servants who give their lives to protect and save others: police officers, firefighters, pilots, and soldiers. We pray for elected officials, that they act as your instruments of justice and seek the common good, the highest good. We pray for those who are incarcerated and for their loved ones. Release those who are caught in human trafficking. Turn lives around, that all your children may live into their potential as your beloved people. We ask, dear God, that you would comfort all who mourn the loss of loved ones or the loss of home or job. Bring healing to those who suffer from illness or injury. Repair relationships that are strained. Bring a sense of purpose back to those who feel lost.

Restore in all of us the joy of living full and abundant lives. This we ask in the name of Christ, who taught us to pray Our Father . . .

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