Prayers of the People

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Offered by Judith L. Watt, Associate Pastor

Blessed Jesus, Creator God, Sustaining Spirit, you have given us this glorious day and blessings too numerous to count. You have brought us from north and south and east and west to this sanctuary filled with beauty. You have given us this community, each of us on our particular journeys of faith, desiring to be closer to you, wanting to feel your presence, hoping to be assured of your existence or of your forgiveness, aspiring to be molded into faithful people. On this day, at least for the rest of this day, give us the gift of grateful hearts. Remind us of our many blessings. Expand our capacity for love, not only for others, but also for ourselves. And as another week begins and obligations and duties threaten to overwhelm, bring to mind the beauty of this day and the beauty of this place and the bonds we share with one another.

Sovereign God, we pray for people all over the world but especially, on this day, for the people of Nepal, for families whose loved ones have died in the devastating earthquake, for others whose loved ones are still missing. Open pathways so that aid can quickly be delivered.

We pray again for the many Syrian refugees, that your light would shine in all of their camps. That hunger would be replaced with sustenance, and, dear God, that there would be an end to war everywhere. Transform our feelings of helplessness into heightened sensitivity to the needs of people close at hand.

We pray for the leaders of government in our state, that you would give them great wisdom about overwhelming financial matters and an equal measure of compassion for the many who se lives or education or health rely on programs fueled by compassion.

We pray for people in this congregation and in our families. For those who struggle with addiction, bring strength. For parents burdened with the stresses of children requiring special attention, bring patience. For relationships that are strained, open hearts. For people waiting for a doctor’s word, bring trust.

O Lord, we thank you for the truth that has been passed on to us: that it is by giving that we shall receive; it is by becoming weak that we shall be strong; it is by loving others that we shall be loved; it is by offering ourselves that the kingdom will unfold. Give us courage. Thank you for leading us, because we admit that it’s true—we need your tender care. We pray all of this, saying together your prayer, Our Father . . .

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