Prayers of the People

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Offered by Judith L. Watt, Associate Pastor

Great and gentle God, giver of all life, in the midst of all that is unsure in our world, thank you for giving us certainties: the earth’s revolution around the sun, the cycles of the moon, the promises of the seasons, the lengthening of days we experience now, the wonder of new life and beauty bursting forth after a harsh and dark time. May these certainties of the world you have created become anchors in our own uncertain lives. Help us to make them reminders that indeed you are here now—still—with us in this world and also with us in each one of our lives.

Merciful God, the world around us groans with disruption and need. We continue to pray for cities torn apart by racial unrest. For those victimized by discrimination based on color or creed or class. For clergy trying their best to speak your truth and to care for your people. For those in uniform called to protect regardless of insults hurled and hate directed. For victims of gun violence anywhere and everywhere. O Lord, lead us to a better place through all of this, forward into a different season to a more full display of your justice bursting forth.

For the people of Nepal, for their deep grief, and for agencies striving to help, bring sustenance and hope, food and shelter, love overflowing.      

You know our own hearts, O God: the painful memories, the joyful thanksgivings and praises, the people for whom we worry. So hear us now in this moment of silence, as we lift those particular concerns in our lives to you.

Thank you this day for the leaders you have called to serve you in this church. Keep your hand on their shoulders and help them to lead us into increased faithfulness, which surely will bring forth the blossoming of love and justice.

We pray all of this holding fast to the hope that you are our sovereign God. With gratitude for the life, teachings, and love of Jesus, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, we offer the prayer he taught, saying together, Our Father . . .

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