Prayers of the People

Sunday, October 25, 2015
Offered by Shannon J. Kershner, Pastor

Holy One, we know that you see those whom the world does not see,
that you notice those whom we might pass by,
that you have mercy on all your children, deserving and not.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with gratitude for
your seeing, noticing, healing grace. Yet at other times,
your decision to always be the healer demands something of us or from us,
and for that we might not always be thankful,
at least not at first.
Nevertheless, you heal us anyway.
We pray for that healing, your life-giving power.

We pray for all those whom violence has tried to silence this week—
for those whose names scroll across the bottom of the screen,
for those whose tragedy made the headlines both here and abroad,
for those who feel completely immobilized by pain or grief.
As you did for your son Bartimaeus, hear their cries.
See them. Notice them. Have mercy on them. Heal them.

We pray for those who feel silenced by the powers of this world—
in particular for the refugees continuing to pour out of countries
in the Middle East and North Africa, who still yearn for peace
in their own homeland. They must be terrified, O God; tired and empty.
See them. Notice them. Have mercy on them. Heal them.

We pray for those here and elsewhere who feel silenced by illness,
disability, chronic pain. For those who struggle to make it
ten minutes at a time. For those who are lost in the
deep hole of mental illness. For those fighting the demons of addiction.
For those scared for their own shadow.
See them. Notice them. Have mercy on them. Heal them.

We pray for our church, that we might be committed to learn
how to be a community that makes space for all voices,
that takes the time to stop and notice,
that uses the power we have for your good and not our own,
for your will and not our agendas,
for your justice and not simply what works for us.
See us. Notice us. Have mercy on us. Heal us.

For we pray all these things, as well as those groans of our spirit,
in the name of your Son, our brother and Savior,
who taught disciples to pray saying, Our Father . . .

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