Prayers of the People

September 27, 2020

Offered by Nanette Sawyer, Associate Pastor

Holy God, our Creator, you are the wellspring of life. We turn to you now with all the prayers of our lives. We need you. We need your healing power. We need your steadfastness, your strength, and your hope.

You have been faithful to us, O God, throughout all time. And so we call out to you today, asking you, inviting you, beseeching you, to intercede into our world and our lives.

Companion us and guide us to live in such a way that we reflect your will and your dreams for our world.

You are the living water, the wellspring of life.

Pour out your comfort upon us, God.

Pour out your strength upon us.

Pour out your healing power upon us.

So many of us are tired, God, fatigued by so many things. We are exhausted by the injustice and violence; uncertain about our finances, wondering how to make ends meet; concerned about our loved ones and our neighbors.

Help us, O God, to be your hands and feet in this world, extending generosity, attention, kindness, and committed action to share your love and justice with all your people.

Do not let us avoid the duty to which you call us, God—to reach across barriers, to serve each other, to build communities of respect, to trust in your sufficiency, to share the grace that we have been given.

Living God, pour out your Spirit, until the earth is filled with justice and love. We pray through Jesus Christ, our brother and our Savior, who teaches us to pray, saying, Our Father...

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