Prayers of the People

November 1, 2020
All Saints' Sunday
Offered by Jeff Doane, Parish Associate

Eternally loving God, we give you thanks and praise that in life and in death we belong to you. This day we are so grateful for all the saints who have touched and transformed our lives, those beloved forebearers who now rest within your everlasting care. May memories of our experiences with them continue to enrich us on our journeys through this earthly realm.

Lift our eyes, O God, to take in the deeply hurting world all around us. We yearn for your healing presence with so many of your people who are suffering. Strengthen medical caregivers in their demanding work. Sustain family and friends in their vital support. Comfort and care for all who grieve the loss of loved ones, we pray.

Mighty God, who is Sovereign over our civic as well as our personal lives, we ask your just and loving presence with your people who call this nation home. Uphold all those who are seeking public office in the midst of a key election season. May our faithful convictions inform the votes we have cast or which we will cast on Tuesday. May every vote be counted as we seek to discern the way ahead in these very challenging times. Give us patience for the electoral process in the midst of the pandemic. Sustain our just and peaceable responses in all the days ahead, we pray.

We seek new beginnings for those devastated by wildfires and violent storms. Uphold all who strive to protect the lives of your vulnerable people

All this we pray in the name of Jesus, our brother and our Savior, who taught his followers to pray saying, Our Father...

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