Prayers of the People

July 3, 2022

Offered by Nanette Sawyer, Associate Pastor

Holy God, Lord of all creation, lover of life and of all things, help us to love in our very small way what you love infinitely and everywhere.

We thank you that we can offer just this one prayer and know that it will be more than enough, because in reality every thing and every one is connected, and nothing stands alone. To pray for one part is to pray for the whole, and so we do.

We pray for all those facing illnesses in their own bodies and in their loved ones. Be a force for healing and a source of comfort, O God.

We pray for all those experiencing violence of any kind. Protect them. Make a way for them to get to safety. Hold back the violence being directed at them.

On this day we give thanks for the independence of our country, celebrated on July 4, and we give thanks for the expansion of freedom through the Civil Rights Bill, which was signed into law on July 2 in 1964. Help us to renew and expand liberty and justice for all.

Help us each to find the sources of our own power, the gifts that you have given us, so that we can play our part to increase freedom and protect our democracy. Expand our thinking so that we may find the possibilities and the hopes that elude us.

Give us conviction rooted in your generous love, and give us perseverance grounded in a commitment to justice and peace. Strengthen us to protect each other and to carry on in our work for your kin-dom here on earth.

Help us each day to stand for love, for healing, for the good, for the diverse unity of the body of Christ and all creation, because we know this is what you desire, God: as Jesus prayed, that all may be one. We offer our prayer together with all the holy names of God, we offer our prayer together with Christ and pray as he taught us, saying, Our Father . . .

Portions of the prayer adapted from Father Richard Rohr

Prayer © Fourth Presbyterian Church


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