Job Openings at Fourth Church

Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry

Fourth Presbyterian Church seeks an Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry, who will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing ministry programs that focus on the spiritual care and faith exploration for youth in grades six through twelve; these programs support Fourth Presbyterian Church’s mission of being a welcoming and inclusive Christian community in which youth are accepted, known, and loved for who they are. This includes, but is not limited to, worship, religious education, fellowship, mission, and programs that strengthen the relationships of youth and, by extension, their families to God and the Fourth Church community and provide a foundation for continuing spiritual growth for youth as young adults and beyond.

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Education/Enrichment Manager of Tutoring/Summer Day

Chicago Lights at Fourth Presbyterian Church seeks an Education and Enrichment Manager of Tutoring and Summer Day to manage the educational and enrichment initiatives for year-round outreach programs for children and youth living in Chicago’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. The main responsibilities of the Education and Enrichment Manager include development of educational and enrichment resources and academic curriculum for Tutoring and Summer Day; supervision of the academic and enrichment team; management of In2it Café, a two-pronged, pre-Tutoring program that includes arts and enrichment activities in addition to a healthy meal; and development and implementation of tutor training conferences and workshops throughout the year. The Education and Enrichment Manager will work closely with the Director of Tutoring and Summer Day as a part of the Leadership Team to identify needs for additional programming and will utilize creativity in enriching the programs.

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Nursery Attendant

Fourth Presbyterian Church seeks a Nursery Attendant to welcome member families and visitors alike into an inviting space—a Sunday morning extension of the home—and to do so while embracing principles of early childhood development. The nursery at Fourth Church fosters a sense of community where new parents connect with each other and children grow as part of the church family. The nursery provides a safe, secure, consistent, healthful, loving environment where parents feel confident leaving their children and each unique child begins to experience his or her faith journey.

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