Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another. Through one-to-one caring relationships, those who are hurting receive the love and care they need to support them through challenging times.

Would you or someone you know benefit from a relationship
with a Stephen Minister? If so, please leave a message on
our confidential voicemail: 312.573.3365.

Who Is Stephen Ministry For? | What Does Stephen Ministry Provide?
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Who Is Stephen Ministry For?

Stephen Ministry is for those who are experiencing

    • Loneliness
    • Hospitalization
    • Terminal illness
    • Loss of spouse, child, close family member, friend
    • Unemployment
    • Welcoming a child into the family
    • Separation or divorce
    • Retirement changes
    • Being homebound
    • Most of life’s struggles

Those who would receive the care of a Stephen Minister are—

    • A man like Abraham, who had to leave behind everything he knew and loved and needed someone to journey with him to a new life
    • A woman like Sarah, who faced major change in her life at an advanced age and needed someone to listen to both her joy and apprehension
    • A man like David, who grieved the death of a wayward child and needed a shepherd’s care
    • A woman like Hagar, who was abandoned along with her child and needed someone to offer her hope and remind her of God’s presence
    • A man like Peter, who found himself in over his head and needed the strong hand of a faithful frend
    • A woman like Namoi, who lost her loved ones and needed someone to hear her sorrow and pain
    • A man like Paul, who knew the unending distress of a thorn in the flesh and needed someone to rejoice when he rejoiced and to weep when he wept
    • A woman like Martha, who was burdened by the demands of daily life and needed someone to help her regain sight of what was most important
    • A man like Jesus, who knew intense disappointment, sorrow, grief, rejection, and loneliness and needed an angel of God to minister to him
    • A woman like Mary Magdalene, who received healing from inner turmoil and needed someone to walk with her as she built a new life
    • A man like you
    • A woman like you

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What Does Stephen Ministry Provide?

Stephen Ministry provides someone

    • Who cares
    • Who supports
    • Who listens
    • Who accompanies

A Stephen Minister is not

    • A counselor or therapist
    • A problem-solver
    • A casual visitor
    • An errand-runner

Stephen Ministry at Fourth Presbyterian Church is aligned with the Fourth Church mission statement and grows out of our commitment to be a serving community, dedicated to preparing God’s people for works of service. Our church provides ministries of healing and desires to be a place where hurting people can receive compassionate care and Christ’s healing love. Stephen Ministry nurtures each individual’s spiritual pilgrimage, equipping members with the skills to be lay Christian caregivers.

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Becoming a Stephen Minister

Do you have gifts of mercy, encouragement, listening? Are you a person who feels compassion for others in their life challenges but wonders what you can do? Are you interested in people? These are just some of the qualities of a person who pursues Stephen Ministry training.

What you should know if you are interested

    • Stephen Ministry requires 50 hours of training.
    • The commitment for Stephen Ministry service is two years.
    • After training, ongoing supervision will be required in peer-led supervision groups, every other week, for 90 minutes.
    • All potential Stephen Ministers, members of Fourth Church, will be interviewed after an application is received.
    • The application is available online or by contacting Carol Allerton (312.640.5448).
    • Class capacity is twelve people, both men and women.
    • Completed applications should be sent to
    •                Carol Allerton
                     Attn: Paula Addington
                     Fourth Presbyterian Church
                     126 E. Chestnut St.
                     Chicago, Illinois 60611.2014

    Being a Stephen Minister is not for you if you—
    • Become impatient with people’s problems
    • Have difficulty suspending judgment
    • Cannot honor confidentiality
    • Cannot commit to training
    • Cannot commit to two years of service to Stephen Ministry, including the training time

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2016 Training Schedule

Saturday, September 10                    9:00-2:30
Saturday, September 17                    9:00-2:30
Wednesday, September 21               6:30-9:00
Wednesday, September 28               6:30-9:00
Wednesday, October 5                      6:30-9:00
Wednesday, October 12                    6:30-9:00
Saturday, October 15                        9:00-2:30
Wednesday, October 19                    6:30-9:00
Wednesday, October 26                    6:30-9:00
Wednesday, November 2                  6:30-9:00
Wednesday, November 9                  6:30-9:00
Wednesday, November 16                6:30-9:00
Saturday, November 19                    9:00-2:30
Wednesday, November 30                6:30-9:00
Wednesday, December 7                  6:30-9:00
Saturday, December 10                    11:00 - 1:00

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Stephen Minister Application

Those interested in becoming a Stephen Minister are asked to complete this application and return it to the church office.

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Current Stephen Ministers

The Stephen Ministers commissioned on Sunday, April 26, 2015, and committed to serving for two years are Victoria Baker, Catherine Flaa, Marsha Heizer, Jean Joslyn, Lise Shipley, Carroll Smith, Anne Stelle, and Callie Thompson-Schexnayder.

Current Stephen Ministers are Martha Brown, Rebecca Dixon, Sam Evans,
Cheri Lundin, Melanie Oh Pierce, Mark Schimmelpfennig, Leslie Wainwright, and Natalie Williams.

The Stephen Minister leaders are—Paula Addington, Jeannie Forrest, Ellen Schaller, Barbara Timberlake, and Roger Wilson—as well as Judy Watt, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care.

Please keep them in your prayers as they journey with those facing challenges in their lives.

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For More Information

If you would like to know more about how a Stephen Minister could care for you or if you would like to learn more about what Stephen Ministry at Fourth Church involves, please be in touch with one of our Stephen Leaders or leave a confidential message on the Stephen Ministry voicemail at 312.573.3365.

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