Family Night

Family Night is a once-a-month gathering when families meet at Fourth Church or at an off-site location for an evening of fellowship and often food. Each month’s Family Night has a theme, and the events are generally held on the third Friday of the month during the fall, winter, and spring.

Our April magic show concluded our series of spring 2016 Family Nights; check back in late summer to see what fun we have lined up for the fall!


Family Group Kickoff | Save the Date


Neighborhood Family Group Kickoff

Sunday, September 18
10:30 to 11:00 a.m.
Room 4C (immediately off the elevator on the fourth floor)

The return of our classes means that we’re also interested in resuming our Neighborhood Family Groups!

Neighborhood Family Groups are small groups of families who meet for social outings once a quarter (or more often, if schedules allow). They were started last year to help make connections amongst families who live in the same neighborhood or area of the city or suburbs.

If you’re interested in joining a group—or just interested in meeting others from your area--we hope you’ll swing by the 4C lobby area on the fourth floor on Sunday, September 18. We’ll have eight tables set up that represent our eight main geographic areas, and there will be treats and signup sheets at each one.

Come and meet other folks from your neighborhood, and sign up to learn more.

We’re also planning to start a few nongeographic family groups who would be interested in meeting on a routine monthly basis for Bible study and discussion; let us know if you’d be interested in joining a group like that as well!

For more information about Family Neighborhood Groups, please contact Briana Belding-Peck or Matt Helms.

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Save the Date

  • Friday Family Nights
    • October 21—Pumpkin Decorating Night
    • November 18—Animal Family Night
    • December 16—La Posada Family Night



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For more information about Family Night, contact Matt Helms, Associate Pastor for Children and Family Ministry (312.573.3362).