Give. Grow. Become!
—2016 Annual Appeal

“Yes, our giving matters to the church,
but even more than that, our giving matters to us.
It is a way of expressing our love for God
and for what God is up to in this church and this world.”
—Shannon Kershner
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This Annual Appeal “is really not an ‘ask.’ It is an invitation.
It is an invitation to grow through our giving, as we think deeply about how God’s claim on us and love for us shapes our lives. . . . It is an invitation to give visible and meaningful expression to our priorities and values.”
An Letter of Invitation from Shannon Kershner

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“What the parable’s landowner owned did not actually belong to him. It belonged to his Creator. He just had the honor and privilege of caring for it. . . . By responsibly giving some of that abundance away, he could have publicly embodied his loyalty to the Living God. . . . Instead his singular focus on all that stuff and total pursuit of it made him forget who and whose he was.”

—Shannon Kershner
Give. Grow. Become! — A Sermon


2016 Annual Appeal for
Fourth Presbyterian Church and Chicago Lights

For more information about the Annual Appeal, contact Andrea Miller,
Associate Director of Development