Mission Partners

Fourth Presbyterian Church supports ongoing mission outreach in Cameroon and Northern Ireland. See below for details and resources on how you can get involved in these partnerships. In addition, the Session of Fourth Presbyterian Church pledged $1 million towards the Joining Hearts and Hands campaign of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as part of the Project Second Century Campaign.¬†This pledge is being paid at a level of $250,000 per year in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 from the church’s invested funds to support mission co-workers who are in the global mission field in countries such as Ghana, Cuba, Colombia, and Haiti.

Joining Hearts and Hands is a denomination-wide effort launched in 2002  in partnership with individuals, congregations, and presbyteries to raise $40 million for national church growth and the expansion of our mission work abroad.


Helping Africans achieve a better quality of life

Fourth Presbyterian Church continues to support mission work in the West African nation of Cameroon, where average life expectancy is low and the infant mortality rate is high. Presbyterians are engaged in the efforts to tackle these problems. The Joining Hands against Hunger and RELUFA programs, for example, support grain banks to provide security to Cameroonian farmers while the Cameroon America AIDS Alliance (CAAA) clinic in rural Kumba tends to those who are suffering and educates people in ways to prevent disease and seek treatment.

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Northern Ireland

Building peace, promoting reconciliation

Fourth Church supports the peace and reconciliation efforts of 174 Trust in Belfast. The 174 Trust has been facing down “the Troubles” through a vigorous community development process dedicated to demonstrating Christ’s values in action. Based in a former Presbyterian church and led by a Presbyterian pastor, Bill Shaw, the nondenominational organization has earned the respect of local Protestants and Catholics alike.

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Information on mission trip opportunities
through Fourth Presbyterian Church is available here.

For more information on mission partners at Fourth Presbyterian Church,
contact Vicky Curtiss, Associate Pastor for Mission (312.981.3598).