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About Lenten Devotions

The season of Lent calls Christians to embrace the faith journey by reflecting upon and deepening their relationship with God and by acting upon their Christian beliefs.

Although often considered a time for giving up something as a way of symbolizing Jesus’ sacrifice and his struggle in the wilderness, the forty days of Lent (Sundays are not counted as “Lent days”) also offer an opportunity for taking up. During this season, we are invited to thoughtfully take up the gifts of faith—worship, study, prayer, and service—in preparation for Holy Week and Christ’s journey to the cross.

It is with this in mind that we invite you to join us and many hundreds of others in a Lenten journey through the Gospel of Mark. Mark is the assigned Gospel for this year in the Lectionary cycle, a cycle that is followed by churches around the world and sets forth a three-year series of readings from scripture.

In the next forty days, we will read through (almost) the entire Gospel, from the first words in chapter 1 to Mark’s story of the first Easter morning. Members and staff of Fourth Presbyterian Church will offer a reflection and prayer based on each passage.

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews, from which we read today, reminds us that our endeavors in the faith take place in the context of a “great cloud of witnesses.” For us this Lent, the “cloud of witnesses” is not an abstract metaphysical concept but an international community of faith journeying together in reflection and prayer. These devotions are sent daily to nearly 4,000 individual email addresses (including many outside the U.S.), and those emails are then forwarded on to many family, friends, and work colleagues. Thus we are daily connected on our faith journey with countless others around the world joining us in meditation and prayer.

For your accompanying presence on this Lenten journey, we are grateful.

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Devotions for Other Seasons

Fourth Church makes devotions available daily throughout the year. Devotions from the first part of this year are posted here:

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Devotions from recent years are posted in our online archive.


The 2012 devotions that accompanied the “Reading the Entire Bible in a Year” journey are available via the “Bible in a Yearpage.

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Daily devotions, written by the staff of Fourth Presbyterian Church,
are available via email (sign up here or by clicking on “Get Email Updates” at the upper right or send addresses to devotions@fourthchurch.org).

They are also posted on Facebook (www.facebook.com/fourthchurch), Twitter (@FourthChicago), and online and are available in print (from the church literature racks).

Not Receiving Devotions after Subscribing?

If you have subscribed to devotions but are not receiving them, please be sure that devotions@fourthchurch.org is included in your email address book. Some spam filters block emails sent to multiple recipients by a sender whose address is not found in the recipient’s address book.

If, after ensuring that your email provider is not blocking delivery of devotions, you still do not receive them, please contact devotions@fourthchurch.org so that we might resolve the problem.

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Sharing Devotions via Facebook and Twitter

A quote from each day’s devotion—complete with a link to the entire reflection and prayer—is posted on Facebook (www.facebook.com/fourthchurch) that morning and is also tweeted (@FourthChicago), making it easy to share devotions you find meaningful with your friends.

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